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Know. You're right your experiences and you tend to you can adapt them <unk> as you see fit and that's what David Lynch did there with that scene was that he you know he took that memory. That obviously is especially if he's younger. It's pretty firmly cemented his brain Anne screen for everybody to share with everybody and that just shows that yeah it there's a there's an underbelly to to a small town and it's not as it's not as David Lynch weird as you think I mean this is this. This kind of stuff happens so in the town like Lumberton. No one is safe. No one is innocence visit no one is you knew it was going that. I knew I knew exactly where you're going so yeah. That's the thing it's like <unk>. I'm sure that twin peaks is not the only town in you know in the history of small towns that has a cocaine addicted homecoming queen. You know that that's that's not that far <unk> stretch when you really think about when you really take a look at things it's really not that it's not something we want to admit and it's not the image that we wanted project but it's it's the it's the truth. It's the case so I think it's this film that actually probably helped Lynch inch figure out the most of what you know where his specialty lied was was yes Americana coming you know him growing up in the fifties <hes> where everything's all bright and clean and whatnot but he lynch has this interest in like okay. Let's look under this rock and what's under this Raleigh and what's GonNa Crawl out and what secretly hiding in the shadows and if you think about the nineteen fifties. There's that contrast there's a contra. There's a couple of there's a couple of versions of the nineteen fifties. There's the nineteen fifties the Eisenhower Nineteen in your fifties that we all like to remember the Howdy doody era all that yeah right exactly the how duty the Donna Reed leave it to beaver. There's that kind of fifties where nobody locked their doors and everyone was all that kind of stuff women limited pleated skirts in poodle the poodle skirts yeah yep the guys all the guys pipes and wore suits and yes exactly exactly I never all the kids went down to the malt shop after school that kind of thing there's that nineteen fifties but then there's also the nineteen fifties of no coloreds. There's a nineteen fifties of McCarthyism in the nineteen fifties of Frederick worth of the Cold War then there's the nineteen fifties of the Cold War. There's there's that intolerant nineteen fifties yes but fifth columns also tonight yeah there's also the nineteen fifties of Betty Page and Jean Bill Brew and all of that you know bizarre magazine and things like that that sort of <hes> risque hills Charles Moulton. You know that that nineteen fifties that Charles moton was a little before that but but that's sort of like the guy that created wonder won by away. Yes that's William Charles Moulton yeah and <hes> there's not there's a there's a real. There's a nineteen fifties. There's an upside down yeah. Basically it's like if you watched the show stranger things. There's the it's like the upside down right right and it's it's there but it's like comey hidden from view right but it's but it's their nose there. I mean it's it's it's kind of also like dairy dairy Maine where everybody knows horrible Shit's going on but nobody talks about it. You know we just sort of turn a blind eye to it and I think David Lynch does a fantastic job of integrating those different elements of Nostalgia Americana Small Town where you have the the Jeffrey Beaumont Jeffrey Beaumont College Kid Dad owns the hardware store <hes> white picket fence and that's in the opening shot right there that you know you know the Lynch makes a point of this of showing like a red white and blue the red flower lower the white rice lower the way exactly so it's like again pure Americana that he's predicting and then you have Sandy Williams in her parents you know her dad is the cop and <hes> in her boyfriend. Is Mike The quarterback this whole there. Is there a sweet wholesome family and yeah they you know they have people over for dinner and and <hes> might sandy has her boyfriend and whatnot and right but even that even with that sort of situation was a football player if a player who I you know. I wonder if he's has some sort of lead. It seems like we we need to get there. I know but then you have this local. Also there's a slow club. There's Dorothy Allen's there's frank booth and his Ganger hoagies and then then there's the yellow man who was a cop. I mean you have Chad's you know small of Chad exactly and Robbie is probably related to Chad. He's probably like chat my grandfather or something I bet you grandpa Chad Chad exactly so there's a lot of a lot of stuff going on in a small town in David Lynch's a great job of meshing that but he also adds. It's in the banality of small town life that whole can I borrow the car sure don't go to Lincoln but you know the two the two women just sitting watching television the the slowness of a small town the banality of life <hes> just life in general in life has life can have a banality. Even if you're if you're not leaving some sort of jet set life. There are days when you're washing dishes. You know there are days when you're just watering the lawn you know and that's when you have your heart attack. That's the thing there is a sloan isn't of analogy life in general and David Lewis is a fantastic job of mixing all that stuff together and even though sometimes I think he goes on a little too long with it like when I watch those deleted scenes. There's only a couple that I kind of wish we're in the movie. <hes> we'll talk about those. We'll talk about those yeah exactly but I think <hes> it gets you can understand why they were cut. Totally get where they were cut. They were cool but you totally get where they were cut and or even when when you go over to Ben's house for Ben Justice Yeah hanging out you know these are there's people that are just drunker hodge sitting around their house which I don't know about you Charles but I knew a lot of people in college just did that. It's like just come over and we'll get high. It's like all right fine. Can we maybe order pizza or watch a movie board here but <hes> eight is a fantastic job of mixing that together and Blue Velvet. I think he really did sort of fide. Find his feet with it because David Lynch obviously can do anything you know <hes> personally I like do I can't help it. I like it. I'm right here with you. I'm a big Dune supporter yeah even though you know he talks about how Dune was such a failure and then that what kind of <hes> this was kind of his rebound movie from Dune but had I liked plus. We do have problems but it's beautiful yeah you know it's gorge and there's a there there there's of course eraserhead which is like a stream of consciousness type of film. It's not supposed is to be linear but then there's then there's the elephant man which has struggle tournament that is beautiful and wonderful and fabulous performances and yeah he can do. He can do anything but I think this is really his force. Hey this type thing I don't mean to Pigeonhole to hold him and I don't mean to because even when you have settled anybody's capable pigeonholing David Lynch true even when you have something like a lost highway yeah where they're not in a small town there in Los Angeles. They're kind had a Hollywood people. They still have this sort of or Mahalla drive drive yet. This is what we show you but this is what's really going on. There's always a darkness somewhere to be found exactly glitz glamour aw right right and you might be going to all the right parties and meeting other at people and doing all the right things but Robert Blake is gonNA come up to you to party and it's going to be bad and you know when you think about just somebody ready as living just a ordinary life that Balthasar getty is living at home with Gary Busey in his you know his girlfriend Natasha Gregson Wagner and Oh is it. He wakes up and he some guy in a prison and how the hell did that happen so you know because it happens yeah. He's like look like it. Does you know watch waking up to find out she somebody else exactly. It's as you're looking at box in looking in a box yet. It's very twin peaks outside right now Charles is I can't have a window yeah. I'm with you have a window. I don't I'm here. I'm here in the basement of solitude Yep. It does windows assault other now belongs to trees in my reflection. Oh yeah the trees are a <hes> Israel it. It's like it's like ghost would here. It's a ghost. We didn't hear yet all right so <hes> you ready rented this <hes> criterion version down. Yes let started. I learned okay so <hes> <hes> we now we've. I've already talked <hes> the film <hes> when we back in episode thirty two way back on April twelfth twenty eighteen if anyone wants to come to know our thoughts about you know the film as we the actual storyline line so I love it. We love the film obviously <hes> we'll see we're going to talk about the film but we're not GONNA go into. Obviously you know the the plot point by plot point detail because hey we talked about that. You can go back and you can go back episode thirty two if you want that. That's like supplemental material to this <hes> we we figured that you would probably rather talk about the new stuff that hasn't been released and <hes> obviously so that of course includes like all the deleted scenes that were just talking about all the extra documentaries and all and whatnot new the booklet that has all kinds of interesting information in it. We'll talk about that <hes>. I thought we had good four four hours of extra steps so I'm guessing you probably you know everyone out there. Listening to this probably does not want to sit for it through four hours of us because hey why would you sit through four hours of you can sit through four two hours of supplemental features <unk> exactly Raya Blue Velvet. So what will if you're if you're even the remotest fan of his movie. You need to buy this blu-ray. It's not getting it because you know an an. I'm comparing it to see. I'm personally compared area to this two thousand five D._V._D.. Really's that's what I had until three weeks ago and I'm really glad that upgraded although there are some similarities in the D._v._d.. And there's a lot of differences obviously obviously <hes> there's some features on the D._v._d.. That were not carried over to keep both of them. Yes yeah because <hes> now. There's a couple ones. You're probably obviously going to go to the BLU ray Moore but every so often you might WanNa Crack Open The D._v._d...

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