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Game allowing offense to flow allowing athletes to shy guard play back in a big way not just in the nba but also in college basketball seattle even indelible mark and i said it and i know a lot of people listening out there you were on me big time when lsu is going through their coaching change and i brought up some different candidates and many you said tim floyd why you'll even out tim floyd his tim ford was involved in stuff just like this and his previous stop specially usc by the way southern cal implicated in this again their third or fourth time that basketball perot ran as an implicated in a major scandal the last few decades major chant was bad for southern cal bet for everybody involved i i just do not want to hear it here wait till had see how it play out making excuses rick pitino son haven't not have an not after again some people believed him that oh he did not know at all that they were paying prostitutes to come in and sleep with recruits and their basketball players kidding me yuma paso hanging vows on this one now at here with that all right tim trying to give me out here them users will break gone back we'll get your thoughts and if you want to chime in on this on the phone lines 5042601870 he is the number 504260info one eight seventy will love to hear your thoughts on this and south dunlap this is double coverage on wwl why are we leading haters hijacked every conversation we have up people most americans we want the same things newell normand weekdays ten am to one pm on wwl louisiana's luke the festival's even provides.

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