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Joe Judge, and you know Appropriate of him not to offer a timeline on Sequana Barkley, because imagine if he did, and we're wrong. Think of what would happen. Wait, Nothing would happen actually. Uh, when he when he started to say, Giants coach I thought of Jim Fossil. Jim Fossil died and that just sort of hit me like Wow. How old was Jim Fossil? It was 71 that might have guessed younger. But that was 20 years ago when His team was in the Super Bowl. Sal Carpaccio on the Western Hotline, Sal. I never I know I never met him face to face. I think he might have been on the show once. He was sometimes rumored for bills, jobs, but It was never my team. I always liked Jim Fossil. I don't know. Like some coaches. To give you enough personality and they just come across the right way for you, and he was one of those guys for me. Yeah, I can see that. Um, you know, I feel the same way about him, which is kind of he was. He was just about football. No nonsense, right? Not to level like a Tom Coughlin. But he just seemed like he was a good football man. I guess you'd say like to use a cliche. If you will, I would even say like a lot like Sean McDermott in that sense, right? Just he's about football and trying to win games. And you know the other stuff shouldn't matter. It's It's that it's that what matters you know, going out there and Performing every day and trying to win football games. Do I remember correctly that like I'm not sure if the bills ever interviewed him, but they may have to remember anything about fossil and them. Mm. I don't know. When would he have been? Maybe? Rumored for one of their jobs. I'm not really sure. Well, probably more than 10 years ago. I mean, it would have been maybe around when Giron I don't know exactly how that lined up, but the Giants Ravens Super Bowl was 4000 season. And he would have been there for a little time after that, but The last thing I think I saw him do was coaching. Was it XFL? Maybe he was coaching another league. I think. Fossil, So, Yeah, and then is, um Isn't it his his son as a coach? I believe, right? I think so as a coach. Said here about that the conversation about we had a lot of conversations, different conversations about the bills in the first hour. The one we were having toward the end was about Matt Brita. Mhm and Brian dabble brought his name up. But I mentioned how like in these fantasy draft where you get very deep, and you're playing with really sharp guys who know the depth charts up and down for every team. Never see. Breed his name. And like, I don't question that. But when I hear his name in here, I think you know what I wonder if he might be relevant in this offense. What do you think it would take like? You see him as somebody that they to put it This particular way would want to find room for in this offense. Would it be different than that? Do you think he means to them? I think the reason why you wouldn't like get People to really bring them up in a fantasy draft or draft him. Is because I don't think people think they're going to use them that much right? Because the bill simply aren't a team that's going to run the ball a lot. So there's already limited carries. And now he's also behind Singletary and Moss. And even if they were to spin one of them, you're talking about a shared backfield of a team that basically throws 65 70% of the time. Um, what's really there and then you know, not a lot to their running backs a little bit, so I don't think it's a lot of share their for him. Um, I think the bills believe he can be a weapon in certain situations. Maybe, as the season goes on. Maybe we realized they realized that he needs to be on the field a little bit more, but I think the element of adding speed has been something. We've talked a lot about going all the way back to that loss against the Kansas City Chiefs. One of the things the very next day was, this team needs more speed. And Matt Marina brings that he brings more speed, but he's not going to be on the field all the time. And even when he is there going to be doing other things other than giving the ball to Matt Burritos, so I think that's where it comes from. But I do think they believe he can offer a certain element. The teams are going to have to respect and He might be able to break when it doesn't always have to be a 65 yard touchdown. But if he can, you know, bust a 20 yard run off. That's a really nice run. That's a nice play. Yeah. And in the you know the fantasy context, But just in any context, I think the bills are a team where They? It seems like there might be room for somebody to move in on the running backs that they have. And like, so Brita was their choice to do that. It wasn't Travis Et and it turns out it wasn't Anybody in the draft. How do you think? Or maybe, you know, I'm not sure if table got this question today. Or if McDermott has, But how do you think the bill see if I can put it like this? Singletary versus Moss? Is one of them. Overall, more valuable to them than the other. How do you think they look at that? I don't. I think there is a Shared backfield. Um In fact, Brian Table was asked about this today. Like Do you believe in more like a another bell car running back at the main running back? A lead back, I think is what the way he was asked to him. And he said, no, not really. Just you know, it's you go with what you have, and you, You see even what he said was. I'm trying to figure out and find out exactly. They're trying to remember as I talk to you like what he said. But I do remember the one party said. Sometimes you go with the hot hand right? If a guy is really rolling, and you feel that he's got it going, the other guy doesn't you do it that way, But it can be all different situations. It could be game plan. It could be a lot of different things and who that is, and that's the way I think the bills are going to approach it. I think they approach it with Hey, neither of these guys is one A and neither is one B. Now there might be a starter. There has to be someone's got to be on the field before the other one. Unless you're putting them on the same time together to start the game, and I would guess that be Devin Singletary. He's been on the team for three years. Um, you know, that's probably that's his role. That's his job. But it wouldn't surprise me that You know, these two guys basically have about the same snap counts at the end of most games. So, Sal, Uh, I've risked burying the lead here. This this fight at practice, not because it's it's not the lead in terms of like what I think you would say the same. I don't know yet. What it matters how it matters to the season. But as far as the story of the day goes, it's probably a J. F. Vanessa running back an interception and John Feliciano, according to reports, quote chasing him down. And then a fight ensued. What do you know about it? And what do you make of it? Yeah. So I'll just for transparency. I was obviously out of practice today have a lot of video practice. So I had a Jacksonville radio station calling me today just after one o'clock. So when I took the call, I didn't want to be rude. Anybody next to me? So I literally walked outside the fence to take the take The call and to go on Jacksonville radio, and the play happened within five minutes of me being outside the fence, so I did not actually physically see the play happen. But I heard what was going on. And then I saw the reports and things like that. Um, my buddy Matt Perino. You know him? He's been on the show New York upstate. I asked him a couple of times like what you see. And he just wrote up a report on there and and he told me exactly what he saw. And obviously John Feliciano has spoken about it. Since then, you guys heard the sound when he was on with the Pat McAfee show..

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