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Former Oklahoma state teammate James Washington same to hooked up for ten more yards and Rudolph converted on third eleven with a twelve yard pass to Xavier Grimble chiefs rookie one for hill broke up a pass in the endzone but that didn't prevent the Steelers from eventually cashing in Omar in its Jaylen Samuels wide open up the chief right side and the Steelers have a touchdown the first point to the game on a fourteen yard run to Jalin Samuels off tackle left the six thirty nine to go in the second quarter it was an eighty nine yard drive that took fourteen plays is Pittsburgh took the leak but back came the chief with rookie running back garland Thompson for fourteen yards around right in that eleven around lefty on third down the veteran hit he took a shot down the Steelers bring five had a race at all it really firing a stricter markers jam who is headed out standing training camp it continues to fly this is a twenty seven yard reception or correct pick no holds like rolled by Chad area right into the teeth of the zone defense of Pittsburgh and thomsonfn role to another first down at the Steelers twelve of the two minute warning two plays later it was third law but any dialed up an answer and it takes the sample melodramatic steps up fires and so on but no third a strike thrown by chance and the sweet nectar of the end zone based but a cold hard for a second straight pre season we're on a little skinny post for seventeen yards and a touchdown in the remaining time Pittsburgh knocked off thirty nine yards on the pants from Joshua Dobbs to Washington but from the Kansas city thirty eight the chiefs held four straight plays successfully defending a balm to the ends of a fumbled snap gave all right back to pitch for didn't keep it though for very long jobs were brought out of the shot looking right presently in the chief said it up with a long field goal attempt on the final play no good leaving.

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