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I'm Jim Acosta Ron burgundy. You never see him and we'll Farrell in the same room at the same time. Do you. So he felt like he wasn't in America anymore, and this is I actually kind of like Jim Acosta I very serious. Someone asked me if the daily wire could send a Representative to the White House. Would it be say would have to be Jim Mukasa because there's a sort of guile listening to him. You know, they report the most absurd fake news all the time and by fake news. I mean, certain dishonest lines, certain actually inaccurate stories. And then also they just harp on constant negative nonsense. President Trump has the most negative press coverage in modern presidential history. Despite the fact that his approval rating in the country is fifty percent. It's it's actually quite quite high. And despite the fact that we have a booming economy that we've got peace abroad that we've got low unemployment record-low joblessness of crime down, hate crime down all of these great statistics that we can take off. But the mainstream media harp on issues that the American people don't care about. They harp on the the Russia investigation that they harp on these issues that Americans rank in the bottom of bottom percentages of what they care about, what matters to them, what it should be newsworthy, which should be politically newsworthy, but they. The other thing to point out here is you've got this video of of Ron burgundy. Jim Acosta standing there in the press cage and you've got all these Trump supporters just making fun of him. You know, because they don't like the mainstream media, the mainstream media or unpopular because they're liars. They carry water for Democrats. They're dirty rotten liars, but they're not like punching him in the face. They're not climbing over the cage to stab him or something like that. There haven't been political attacks on journalists in America. In recent history, there have been some where their personal gripes between people and certain local journalists that's happened a handful of times, but there haven't. You know, there isn't a epidemic of Trump's supporters going out and physically attacking members of the mainstream media that doesn't exist. What does exist, however, is members of the media and also lefties riling up and inciting violence against Trump supporters. Everybody from media types in the Democratic Party and on the left all the way to elected officials. Ginny up a attacks on Trump supporters on people who worked for President Trump ju. Just look at a few of these tweets talk about a dehumanizing from PBS and NPR composer Christopher o'riley quote, calling them deplorables euphemize ING them, maybe better to euthanize get it. We shouldn't euphemize them. We shouldn't give them a little nickname. We should kill all of them. You don't see that you, you don't really see that with Jim Acosta with Trump supporters to Jim Acosta. We make fun of Jim Acosta because he's eminently mockup, but you don't see that sort of, let's kill them all. Let's euthanize them. How about TV host? John Murray says this scene referring to Jim Acosta's experience at the Trump rally. This scene looks like a modern day. Ku Klux Klan rally, amazing to see that Donald Trump, the man occupying the White House is so comfortable in his atmosphere of hate philosophy, bigotry and diploma language. God bless America owes where. The hostility coming from, sir, whereas that how is this like a Ku Klux Klan rally? Because that's the easiest that's the easiest insult. It's the worst thing you can say about a person to say that their biggest that they're racists, that they're the worst thing you can say in modern America. What's the evidence was really funny is in the clip in that clip of Jim Acosta there. The first group of people that was prominent group on camera is a big group that says blacks for Trump. So just like all those old, Ku Klux Klan, rallies blacks for the clan. You don't see that a lot. That's not true. It's just it's just an insane, slander, it's insane liable to say that about Trump supporters, and it really does. Gina patriot is what you're saying is these Trump supporters are domestic terrorists and we gotta take care of them. Obviously, this is, you know, they're oblivious to their to what they're saying themselves. How about wilpon or the the author wilpon. He said, on Twitter quote, I'm truly ashamed that this is what America has become replaced the maga- hats and Trump signs, and this is straight out of any number of Thawra -tarian regimes where journalists are killed..

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