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That's why i love you. Youtube snow snoop wants the craziest stunt. You've seen on the go big show. Oh my god. I don't want to give it away but it's i mean if you don't already seen somebody swallow was swore but it even gets more intense than that i mean i don't wanna give it away. 'cause i want you guys watch it but that's show is one of the most crazy shows i've ever seen in my life. I can't believe eyewitness. Hey what did you think. Snoopy them of martha stewarts thirst trap photo. She posted in the pool over the summer. I mean what do you mean. S martha stewart. What i mean. She's the boss lady she's acquaintances. You know she know how to get what she needed life. You understand me. She'd been doing this jaws goldfish. Oh my god daddy yearbook beverley lessons from a mother. Auntie best is so rich with wisdom. I hope you can still find two cents to spare. Give us some advice from the book of beverly bev. Elation in here it gets greater later is about squashing. The idea that you've wasted time or pasture prime. What's your advice to people who feel they've spent too long going down one career path to change course especially later in life while it's breadth in your body you can always make change so it's never too late look it snoop he has had how many incarnations i mean you know if he had stopped reading eighty really began. We would never have snoop the entrepreneur within naps new the shaft. We wouldn't have snoop the gospel artist. We wouldn't have all these variations in my for myself and my book. I run it down. I'm lou gram bevy mc ski. I'm big bet from uptown. I'm beverly smith fashion these days now bevy sniffs of all these incarnations that so you have reverend your body if you wanna make a change make. The change is not always going to be easy but it can be done strategy. That's why you need to buy the book and you were broke badly for a minute when you made that change you right. The you're right about that in the book cafe but you say you went through that and you've been you knew where you were going.

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