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Josh, Luling Bridge, Canterbury discussed on Tommy Tucker, WWL First News


Degrees in Slidell W. W. well from the video would you be medical products that are Josh what else in Saint rose River Road closed again from an earlier accident now shut down for an investigation between the three ten and St rose Avenue tropical the three time in the west bank left lane would work both ways between the luling bridge and highway ninety the driving in from Canterbury on I. ten no slowdowns between the airport and the city coming in on airline got malfunctioning traffic lights rate up by I. ten at mon row and an accident battery on Clearview north bound traveling between airline and the I. ten that's gonna be at king St river crossings all looking good all ferries running normally as well if you're coming from the east and I tend to slow down getting a pass the high rise traffic brought you by ground game this is your personal information on your laptop in this is what happens when you connect to the coffee shop wifi.

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