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Jeff schwartz at g e o f f short you can follow him on twitter and we join emma we have join us every single wednesday these where this now jeff euro lakers guy you grew up in la how excited argue you about the page finally being turned the mas gov contract is gone one of the worst offseasons ever was the signing of ma's gov and dang and now it a p who la if they can get things worked out what are you want to see happen i wonder whether you only have a director couple year round a mirror memorial decreed outdo dr by two over mitch koepka uh you know what we're doing a job and of course you're kkob who were trying to get clear could come their way wasn't working from worker harvard director now and look queer crap rate that iraq will go that far of your draft longo border guard up going to happen and now the in and they have very great quote or now ukraine to come away go into your beirne of occurring contract to ended up with warm dobol all doors were braun aaron recruited last night you were wrong were aware of probably earned with workers well who kobe frazier eagerly well that's with a longrange dream for laker fans is that russell westbrook's may leave okc one day and come back home do you think there's any chance that happens yeah why not i think people earning people are for garden lakers are still the number one record mba or your good rate franchise to you you wanna play for all your awkward prime in will not fiber if you have to rank them the lakers with foreign above be number one and so you like what recruitment away i assume idolising magic and an kkob and clear that there were plenty when he was a kid horse you want to come back home employer puerta workers we're talking to jeff short sea of allah's in charlotte grew up in la and is a long time and nfl offensive alignment okay we'll come back around to the nfl here in a little bit but the i'm sure you saw colin kaepernick tweet comparing police officers to modern day slave catchers was crazy tweet to send out over the weekend do you think you'll.

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