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Right because i know i was really very heavily spies there that was that was a good pronunciation because i've heard different variations i've heard yeah so it's supposed to be timo tissue but that as always seem like too much of a homework assignment so i don't want to be i wanna burn people with that so see whatever works timothy tim timmy doug max doug alistar meats i never heard that sounds like tho i can thing works out i started cured meat company or or like the gangster who's as timmy chela meats a message to fingers chela means i don't know they always have funny names he had three meets have been wrong and he had the fingers cut off in a dangerous meat cutting operation gelling meets you don't wanna do that taleh meets over there swing pan too armie did i get your name right army it's a male and yes yes so clearly after a year or so because you've been touring with this film now for a year pretty much sundance was ran about this time last year you're not sick of gela which is which is a good thing no not sick of the sight of each other sick of talking about the movie but still love now let me army we we we all had we all hung out until like midnight with armenia was we all three of us all right so talk around the moving should we not talk specifics about the movie i mean i think that's why they paid for us to come here so we should talk about the movie because been tastic movie.

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