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There because they it drive it through two defenders sure and what has back to write and look I'm not saying it was a good choice or good throw I'm simply saying that there was two defenders standing there for a jump ball and that wasn't designed like that I can guarantee that much yeah the one that was more concerned to me was the interception that was dropped which was another one where the defender cut in front of the offense of receiver and Jimmy through a right to him and the guy had nothing but green grass in front of them and what about a pick six so you know but once again first preseason game in eleven months out a rhythm I'd like to see Devo Samuel with the ones just because I think deep might be one of the better receivers they have and I think if anything I think Kyle is made of Perth perfectly clear the talons rosters better the quarterback doesn't have to do it all he's looking for somebody to manage the game check it down you know make a few big plays to take care of the football in Jimmy is a little bit of a riverboat gambler he's got a little bit of the bright far venom it's got a little bit of I'm gonna try to thread the needle I'm gonna throw the fifty fifty balls we now my receiver to go get it for me and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't I think if Colin is brothers I think you'd like a conservative I think I think you'd like to see Jimmy play eight you know ball control very conservative you know avoid ma'am huge negative plays and manage the game a little bit more because John on the other side of the football that's been the other stories that the defense looks like it's ready to take a significant step forward and if that's the case maybe Jimmy could maybe they can just leave them Tevin Coleman the run game and Jimmy could be you know run a much more conservative often to be very interesting to see the way Kyle Shanahan calls offense to start this year alright let's take a time out we're gonna visit with Matt maiocco we're gonna check in I believe with Greg Papa later today we got kicked off slated for five o'clock at arrowhead stadium in Kansas city up next we're going to talk a little bit about maybe the headline grabber of the week and that is Chris Mortensen from ESPN is maybe one of the most credible guys in the country media wise I had a perspective to share on how the forty Niners and how cash in hand may view Jimmy grapple we're gonna let you hear that will react to it next as we get ready for the Niners in the chiefs on KGO eight ten when decisions decisions you face them every day your call swipe left or swipe right Jeez extra cheese and then there's cleaning power gas mileage hadn't thought about that last one well you should come to gasoline what's more important cleaning power or gas mileage that's a tough one not because chevron with tech pro delivers both unbeatable cleaning power and unbeatable.

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