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Winter breaks. I hope nothing's broken there, married about them. Well, it's a little bit broken Ralph. If you're traveling 50 heading east, we're hearing from listeners as well. We have a delay. No, it doesn't go all the way to the bay bridge, per se, but if your eastbound, you're going to hit the brakes after bay Dale, and the exiting to sandy point park. That is lined up so they're filling the right hand lane of your going toward the bay bridge day to the left might help a little bit, but that's your breakaway point still only two lanes each way across the bay, and that's pretty incident free and moving pretty well. Once you get past eastbound past sandy point park where they're lined up to get in, that's a breakaway point. Nothing else ahead through why mills to westbound towards the beltway also doing pretty well. A friend of ours in saverna park told us of the crash running route to Richie highway, south Robinson roads staying far to the right to get by, police and units on scene. Big rose traveling on the Maryland side interstate two 70 95 all doing pretty well. We'll flip the coin. We better go to Rockville first, so I'm 28 norbeck road at belfry road. Crash at the intersection, eastbound was blocked. If your westbound single lane, bottom line, follow police direction. Into Virginia, we go with 66 doing well, just a quick reminder if you're eastbound toward the beltway a new lane divide at nutley street. If you're going to not let you stay to the right, but all lanes go through, Georgetown pike is remaining closed between walker road and old dominion due to down wires at Lee mill from an earlier crash and route 7 and lewinsville road at the interchange, you've got work, Elaine, one lane goes by each way and Lindsay wrote his clothes. New chefs, chicken salad, or chicken sandwiches from Panera, their pants here, chicken, secret garlic, aioli

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