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I wanna say german shepherd i feel like there's a better guess there but i feel like the sniper as the window to colin soul i feel like that's dead dead on brand friend i'll look when i rated him i i'm going to be honest i gave him an eight point five this is an attractive human being interesting with and without his grease lightning pink shirt and his black leather jacket i like zuko i like him as a tight end i like him his alley race men's punching bag whatever i'm here for it i gave them a seven lot of symmetry i think he might be a contender just give i sure you're no way she's not going to look at him and be like hulo do it okay i mean like literally compare him to ari oh my gosh we keep about about our our aims aims anymore okay up next is connor connor is twenty five years old he is a fitness coach from saint petersburg florida all right and that's sweet spot right now love me some saint pete people they're the best kind of people so my comfort connor is regina george because his hair so big that there's probably secrets in it that's a big boot font look for connor it's his hair is so high would you be surprised to learn that he has actually modeled palm aid on the home shopping network oh my gosh i wouldn't and i think that's so smart like i think i think laurie on shark tank just had a coronary because that's so perfect when you go to orange theory guess he's the guy in the ads it's connor y'all is connor now here's the thing about his thing he said he played professional baseball he had the opportunity to play professional baseball for the atlanta braves why did he phrase it that way do you think that's weird.

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