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The following program is brought to you by your friends podcast one what a macho man wanted to be mike metro pcs and the iphone se four zero dollars on a network that covers ninety nine percent of people in the us impressing play with the best switched to metro pcs an unlimited lg plan and get a thirty two gig iphone sei zero dollars metro pcs covered unveiled in some areas but sales tax claim based on talking to us not no directive numbers community mobile dental directive on metro pcs in the past ninety days to store for details and terms conditions it was with the podcast one present forked up a thug kitchen podcast the show that is gus's booed politics and pop culture all while trying to give a each week bestselling authors and the minds behind doug kitchen michelle davis and matt holloway are here to help give a voice to folks just ryan it gets there together in and outside of the kitchen and now for your votes michelle davis and matt holloway hurd earned nuts this is an matt haul away and i'm michelle david with the welcomes shift forked at your goto podcast for all things croissants and culture how or or you lovely people doing in today's episode will be diving into the bullshit that are harvest boxes and why snapped needs more money and not more than problems the movie jutting with the always charming and krause kerry keegan she's on vh one bravo she's everywhere on tv but today she's going to be in here in studio with us talking shit and in honor of our spitfire gas will be given y'all arrest before a grapefruit hot totti to get you through what remains of this chilly s winter before we get to the rest of the show we're going to tell you about our sponsor daily burn the daily burn is a fitness programme he can stick with and get results that last they are the world's leading provider of ondemand video workout programs that you can do at your home or anywhere you have a connected device so.

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