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C. Bloomberg 99 12, Boston Bloomberg one. Oh, 61, San Francisco Bloomberg 9 16 to the country Sirius XM Channel 1 19 Around the Globe, The Bloomberg business out and Bloomberg radio dot com. This is Bloomberg Markets. All right. We got a lot to cover today. There is a lot going on. I'm following very closely. What's happening in Geneva? By the way, Presidents Biden and Putin going for four or five hour marathon meeting, I guess. The idea is to see who can last the longest without falling asleep. Um Your your guess is as good as mine. I'm sure Paul. In any case, we're also watching Obviously, the Fed very closely waiting to see if they say anything. About inflation take at all hawkish Turn right now. Increasingly, it looks like Inflation is wider spread and a little bit stronger than maybe the Fed had anticipated by the way. David Kudla joins us. Later, the CEO and chief investment officer, chief investment strategist Maine State capital management, Really looking forward to that conversation right now, let's get over to John Tucker. You get your Bloomberg business Flash 18 right, man. Yeah, as you can imagine pretty much on hold until the Sampson of the major temperatures mixed, too little change Federal Open Market Committee all but certain to hold interest rates near zero at the conclusion of the two day policy meeting today. The panel is going to release a statement. Quarterly economic forecasts at two p.m.. Wall Street time chair Jay Powell is going to hold a press conference 30 minutes later over at PGA, the portfolio manager there, Michael Collins is don't expect a lot of movement in rates. Any time soon. Peak rates maybe around 1 75 for for this cycle, I think the markets are finally realizing that and sniffing out the idea that you know this growth and this inflation is somewhat transitory. Record lumber prices could be splintering. The housing market housing starts registering a pretty much lackluster come back and made from the prior month. Sharp decline. Demand for building permits also faltered. Right now. Six of the 11 industry groups in the S and P 500 are higher. And healthcare Information tech leading the way the S and P 500 pretty much unchanged down. Just a point. Right now. 40 to 45. The NASDAQ 151 points higher that support tense at 14,000 and 81. The Dow Jones industrial average is down 47 points that's down 1/10 of a percent right now at 34,251. 10 year yield holding steady at 1 48 and we check the markets for you every 15 minutes during the.

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