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In the left lanes county police got them on the left shoulder a few minutes ago All lanes open there and add another one South of four 50 also moved to the shoulder of the ITER loop late last hour delays of course remain two 70 spurs southbound near democracy boulevard disabled car in the right lane Northbound two 70 coming off the spur and the HOV emerge once stalled out in the second lane from the left they held traffic and moved that car over onto the right shoulder In the district New York avenue eastbound before north capitol street traffic gets by the crash by staying left slowly traffic is backed up into the third street tunnel Car rolled over on benning road northeast eastbound beyond kingman island near anacostia avenue initially traffic was held some traffic should by now be getting by Branch avenue southeast that was blocked at last report in her Camden street for a police response In Virginia 66 eastbound after one 23 yet another crash the one last hour was in the right lane this one is reported in the left lane Glib road between chain bridge road and military road alternating past the rush hour work zone sharing the uphill lane one direction at a time 95 southbound the crash after fairfax county Parkway is clear I want to save some money on your way to work Then try biking to work Go to bike VA dot org to find out how easy it is to ride to work especially now during bike to work week Dave dillin WTO traffic Let's talk about this weather because it was pretty nice today Here's Amelia A beautiful day across the area plenty of sunshine low humidity and a nice breeze It's going to be.

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