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Healthy. And he's the guy we saw play last year leading the eagles. And then you have a gadget guy like hurts right there as well are these to the guys or is not Carson Wentz. The guy that can lead this eagles team to the super bowl curse played better than he played last year. Yes to play more like he did before he got injured. And we have to see if that car some wins. Can it can reappear. Because we haven't seen him for a couple of seasons. I know some eagles fans disappointed dating good CD. Lamb the cowboys. Few spots ahead of them did and then they did. They reached a bit. I think some people feel with Jalen regular instead of taking one of the more accomplished collegiate wide receivers when everyone knew they were going to have to take a wide receiver with their first round. Pick but to me. This is a very clear to team race. The giants are not ready. Washington is in permanent rebuild mode. And I do think Dallas improved more than Philly this off season. I think Gerald McCoy's addition Dallas is huge. I obviously loved the cd-rom Edition in Dallas. Really did a great job. You look at value at every round of the draft so for Philadelphia as has been the case last few years. How healthy will they be? Will that defensive front get back to the level it was at the Super Bowl Year and is Carson Wentz? Going to be the ninth or tenth best quarterback in football or the fourth or fifth best quarterback in football if they get a positive answers to all those questions then absolutely they can be the team a lot of people picked to go to the Super Bowl last year. But it's a lot of questions they need to answer. But I do think Jenna. That jalen hurts. Hopes them along the way more than the typical backup quarterback because unlike Green Bay's backup quarterback who they hope never sees the field this year. I believe Janet. They're going to have packages installed and plays installed to get jalen hurts on the field. Just like they do down in New Orleans. They were taste of. No all right. Let's take a break chiefs owner. Clark Khan said quote. There's this ability or a tendency to have a letdown after you win a championship. Oh it's an argument. Dissolve this time overall hangovers. Follow a win or a loss or perhaps both grant you expect a super bowl hangover from the chiefs. Don't.

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