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About a dog coming you know, like. I wanna make a movie about her like Washington. It's because somebody probably read it. But no I wanna right. Like her true story like write songs and zero reasonable. You should dead is a great deletion. Absolutely do that. There's a reason that that I saw that. I love dogs. Did you ever see that? And I was like you can make sort of like a animated or like that for adults. I guess there's other stuff like that that exists. But, but you know, I think like an animator she beautified once like live action that she's not she's not an actress of really she's not changing fun gritty fucked up new drama. Yeah. Oscar caliber performance. Yes. Yes. Just like dogs sex. Yeah. And dog crying real dog. Nicole Kidman scars guard. Hot ever. All she now gino's in downers has in. Then you gotta get some young ones. You got those two sisters the sisters fanning girls. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The fans the flashback flashback fan and girls were they getting. Yeah. It's going to be to Rooney Mara. Yeah. This you have an accent. She she's from chew somewhere else. Right. No. I think they're from here. I think they're dead owns big football team other Mitch. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like beg a mega mega mega ashes. The giants on the giants. Getting people have enough. Keeping score shoes. Like the girl that tattoo. Yeah. Yeah. Girl, you could have done this. You can set of the fucking game of that flags for the football. To dragon on your. Yes, I do. I do believe that this not even kidding. This movie would be groundbreaking could almost sort of be like, you know, totally a bit like Hedvig, which was so beautifully. There's a real beauty to it. I love that. You see the struggle. And you know, the you have to do that. Please do that that you've Reference love. that that was like the first show love within the one of them. I want to see like five times. Alan she did Don unleash. I never saw John chemical everybody else and Michael c hall before. He was he's Dexter killing people those predeccessor. Yeah. And I think he was seeing Broadway and cabaret listeners musical theater. Why was it? You know? I didn't I measured. Did you with eater in school? Yeah. Show choir music, theater, all that. And then I went to school for. Keep your voice. Warm because you know, like, I could sing a lot more. When I was in my twenties and thirties forties. I sing like two psalms. Thrones. Like, no, yeah. All done. Well, I want to what I was to show somebody paid for me to go to like, a really fancy voice coach I studied. But I studied opera sing that way. But when I like rock and stuff, I'm just always doing, my course. So I went to this woman who taught me all these exercise. This is bullshit. Somebody's all sunny. But like, I don't lose my voice more. So she really she teaches like, Patrick Harris, and you Jackman and like that guy from the darkness near that ban. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I can say. The shrimp, like the shredder rock voice is really fun to do. But I always worried like I got real training. Would it? Would you be able to like do you lose? The shredding rock voice is more like what? Do you still keep it? I mean, the thing is like I have to worry about longevity. You know, like that's thing that the pony like she. She sounds better than anyone. She's in her seventies. Like, she goes. She takes citzens. She's like an athlete. She does all this stuff. And and. I don't know. I feel like what you listen to who was I listened to the other day that guy for Lincoln park recipe side, but like just that kind of shredding shining shutting. Yes, when I hear that all I here's like the vocal trauma happening. So I know I don't want to sound like seeing Sanni, but it's so important just keep it alive trashed by the that's why I can only say like an hour and a half show because by then I'm just like starting to go. I gotta go go to the bar for glasses of wine. You're going to sterilize. Sterilize about can you do you do when you're doing comedy clubs how much of your show is music, and how much of it is..

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