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What about the last and final elimination today is most disappointing to you. What part? May We lost the football game that we knew we needed to win. I mean, that's that's the disappointment. Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, probably happy he won't have to answer any more questions for a while from the media. About this disaster of a season. That was 2020 good morning from our WB. AP Sports Chess Game Steve Lamb McCarthy replace Jason Garrett back in 2020, with an experienced quarterback toe lead an explosive offense. When Dak Prescott got hurt. The cowboy season went south in a hurry with one loss after another. But yet there they were yesterday with a chance to get into the playoffs. All they had to do was beat the Giants, and they needed the Eagles to beat the Washington football team. Neither of which happened. Obviously, we've had a about every kind of adversity that you can ask for throughout the season, and I mean I love the way that we responded, especially down the stretch came down to one game the end at the end of the day. We just didn't make enough plays the to get it done. But, you know, I think nobody's hanging her head about it. I mean, if anything, I think it gives us a little bit ammunition and Gives us a little bit of Dr Toe push that much further in the off season and get back to a next year tight tight in Dalton Schultz, who turned out to be Andy Dalton's favorite target yesterday, seven receptions for 70 yards. But Dallas loses the game 23 to 19 having to play catch up on a sloppy and cold feel in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and the end their season with six wins. In 10 losses Last time, the Cowboys were six and 10 back in 2010 when Wade Phillips was the coach before he was fired. Replaced by Jason Garrett. And I've got a friend who is an A and M fan and send lamb if you don't mention my Aggies on Monday morning. I'm going to be upset. How about Texas, saying him beating North Carolina in the Orange Bowl 41 to 27 would much rather seeing them play in the Rose Bowl against Alabama. On Friday at 18 T Stadium that you checked on sports. I'm Steve Lamb. Drive home this afternoon at five with the Constitutionalist Mark Levin now the morning news with Al J and Brian Estrich on news to allocate 20 tell them you'll be a P w b a..

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