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Cowboys appear to be all in on Dak Prescott despite swirling rumors surrounding Tom. Brady Michael Irvin added some fuel to the Brady to Dallas fire but later walked back his comments on the situation but signing Brady would certainly be an all time all in move for Jerry Jones who turned seventy eight in October. And obviously is it getting any younger as he chases a another super bowl title. Greg Jennings which quarterback will have a better year next year. Dak Prescott. Tom Brady back Preska out. That Prescott will have the better year. We already saw what he's working with the year. He's coming off of with the talent that was around him. Now we understand that Amari Cooper is not under contract. Randall Cobb not on the contract. There's some variables that need to still be put in place there to help support what he was able to do an established for that team and he doesn't have a contract with the Dallas cowboys. Let alone all those other guys. But let's say he does get signed by the Dallas cowboys which I believe he will. With Mike McCarthy being now at the head coach position Kelham more at the office coordinator position him establishing that relationship understanding the importance of having a relationship with someone. End The offense to continue to progress and build on that. And then you add Mike McCarthy who? We've seen what he was able to do with an Aaron Rodgers in the Brett. Farve those guys the his his resume proceeds him as far as being able to get the most out of those guys you can arguably say whatever you want to argue me up and down about Mike McCarthy but he's going to make Dak Prescott a better quarterback if this all works out and he is with the Dallas cowboys assuming that it will Dak Prescott would definitely have the better season again. We've mentioned it. Tom Brady is going to be forty years old unless he gets into the perfect storm. You talk about the chargers. Everyone automatically assumes that he answered Tom Brady and with the chargers in. They're going to be great. Will that is not always what the case is when you're going into a completely new situation. Situation Offensive Scheme of coal coaching staff culture. You don't know what the culture is and you have to now create that. Tom Brady being with the Patriots if they were to put pieces around him he. I think he would have a better chance of being up there with that. Prescott as far as his their their play but Dak Prescott clearly by far. Have the better season Major Boston. I'm saying it would be Tom Brady if you gave him the same weapons that Dak Prescott had we're everybody including crisper saw it so they were going to the Super Bowl and talking about next year about what he has. Because we don't know if that Prescott is GonNa have the same up to saying that that Tom Brady can do that. And we see quarterbacks age quarterbacks win if you put him in. The white situation has circles to hang. We saw any manning win forty-three year old. We saw Pai. Many who could bail was the tin man in that super bowl could barely move around and he was able to do just enough and not hurt the team but the defense carried them. All I'm saying is people last year thought with the with the Pieces that the cowboys had that will go to the Super Bowl and not only did they. Not Go to the Super Bowl Greg Jennings. Day didn't even make the playoffs because Dak Prescott wasn't able to win the big games that they need to win. They went to Philadelphia to division. I mean the the division right there waiting for right. All they had to do was go. Beat A DEPLETED PHILADELPHIA team. They will have quarterbacks wide receivers. 'cause they had nothing for Carson Wentz and what attack do laid a goose egg no touchdowns in a big game really like a playoff game. All I'm saying is not buying all the way into Dak and that's why Michael Orvin came out with this. That's why he went and put out there about people around the cowboys because they know with that talent base if they would insert. Tom Brady protect. Tom Brady and had the weapons that they have they would have a better chance to win a championship deduct Prescott. That's what you are running wild with this. Tom Brady to Dallas story they even Mike. Irving himself has walked.

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