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Restaurant diners. Then the gods are also under attack. In Utah swastika carved in the glass in Arizona, Iraq thrown through a window. And New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says police are stepping up security around synagogues and other Jewish sites. Yesterday, President Joe Biden hosted South Korean President Moon Jae in at the White House and won big topic of discussion was North Korea's nuclear ambitions. The president and the South Korean leader both shared their deep concern with the situation with North Korea. Mr Bond and said a meeting with Kim Jong Eun is not off the table and took a jab at his predecessor who met twice with the North Korean leader without any commitments on their nuclear arsenal. CBS News is Debra Alfa Rhone at the White House. The president also announced he'll deploy a news special envoy to the region to help refocus efforts on pressing North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program. The White House has put out a compromise proposal for that massive infrastructure package, dropping the price tag from 2.25 Trillion to $1.7 trillion. But as CBS News, White House correspondent Ed O'Keefe tells us, the Biden administration also points to things they don't want to see dropped from the package among them, for example. Rebuilding the nation's veterans, hospitals, workforce development and training and critical investments. The White House calls in care infrastructure. This is part of the broader definition of infrastructure that Republicans have been questioning Theo idea here is that the federal government should be helping to pay for home health care for the elderly for the disabled, arguing that the last year has pointed out the need for this. Republican senators reject the compromise, saying vast differences remain between Republicans and Democrats. On this subject. CNN is cutting ties with former Republican senator and current TV analyst Rick Santorum over some disparaging comments he made about Native American culture. He sparked the controversy and in April 23rd speech before the Young America's Foundation, a conservative youth organization. In that speech, Santorum said immigrants to the U. S created a nation based on The Judeo Christian ethic from a blank slate. The comment prompted Fawn Sharp, president of the National Congress of American Indians, to call Santorum and unhinged and embarrassing racist. Sharp called on CNN to fire Santorum or face the boycott for more than 500 tribal nations and its allies around the world. Just ahead on.

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