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Nine thirty eight prevent the spread of viruses with Michael and sons germicidal UV C. go to Michael and son dot com traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks right now all around the capital beltway should be a decent trip Virginia Maryland nothing major they were looking for an issue on the outer loop near four Pennsylvania Avenue and nothing has been found so you are continuing to move well on the Maryland side of things we've got a long standing issue on fifty an earlier accident water rescue incident on the Severn river so if you are westbound fifty out off the eastern shore you will hit the brakes right around route to and then it's a single file left wing that'll get you across the Severn river with all the equipment still marked on scene that becomes a breakaway point we're checking downtown or getting there on the Suitland parkway the closures between first strolling in south capitol street they're working on this interchange today south capitol street will have closures between Malcolm X. Avenue and Martin Luther king junior watch for police direction a ramp closure there two ninety five remains open in all other in a costume crossings will be available to you in southwest its independence Avenue that's the work in front of the capitol they are doing work with that security gantry there so watch for police direction and that will be on independence between New Jersey and First Street we have a new crash reported in Waldorf for three oh one heading north near route five Madeline and Beantown road staying to the right to get by watch respond hers they should be marked on scene checking into Virginia no major incidents on interstate stays still run well sixty six how's the work he's bound in Arlington passed in Washington Boulevard in a single left lane and in love it's bill Milltown road will be closed for the weekend between love it's Phil Roeder Malik Mullen hill road they're doing storm water pipe repair and again that's until Tuesday of next week merry to pump the WTOP traffic showers to start off our Saturday morning otherwise cool and blustery this afternoon temperatures will be a bit below normal in the fifties today tonight clear skies and cold we're going to see temperatures.

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