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I will I will say the name of the company were they have not had spicy mustard. And it's come to my attention that it's not a mandatory condiment. And in fact, subway owners are told they only have to have one mustard and the recommendation is regular yellow mustard, and they don't have spicy mustard because it's not mandatory. So they keep their cost and inventory down. Can I just say something? First of all, this is a travesty that I will not let stand if you can only have one mustard at a sandwich deli shop it should be spicy and not yellow disagree. But most people go plane mustard in your Europe spice muster, the demographic is for more people. So you may have to be YO am I think most people are wrong and don't realize they're wrong. Right. And we should we should we should make a change for America. Most people like splaine mustard great again in America and make you have to eat spicy month. Most people, eat, plain or foods and chain restaurants will go with more of a plainer mustard because a safer, but here's the bigger point. Okay. And hopefully, some executives at subway or listening great company, I go there all the time. If if you're hurting for money so much that once one jar of spicy mustard puts you over the top, and you're not going to break even for the month that's gonna crush the profit margin. I mean, don't we have bigger fish to fry? You can't get one bottle of spicy mustard. I see I'm with you. I'm going to ballpark in someone's passing. You know, I'm buying a hotdog and coming with the napkin in the hot dog is up packet or two of mustard. I'm hoping for the Golden's or whatever spicy Brown mustard over the over the yellow mustard every time don't you guys have somewhere in here. I've seen before Ed McCaffrey is rocks spicy Rocky Mountain must all we got seven different musters in back. Oh, yeah. Well for for me. Yes. Right at least seven varieties. Awesome. All right, by the way. Now that we're seven minutes into the hour. You're listening to them Patrick show. The phone number is eight seven seven three DP show. You can Email us DP at Dan Patrick dot com or hit me up over at Ross, Tucker dot com..

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