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Want to say that in mind tara career of interviewing athletes at that time especially at that time especially i'm to put albert belle in the top five most intimidating guys ever right there a mike tyson who still number one oh and if you want to listen to the podcast a reset mike tyson saying the me on my show time program the one day he was going to kill me he was going to look for me miami and kill me but that was a different time in my does it feel that way anymore albert was pretty scary our was pretty intimidating so omar vizquel and you might remember what omar vizquel was one of these slickest fuelling shortstops ever seen in my life i'm defensively he was an absolute freaking wizard what this guy could do and then he came out of the book and i thought that was a little unusual like omar vizquel at a book but then again knowing the literary industry the way i do not that this goes a great player pretty much anybody he got a book now the book industry works in a market professor nor a ton about this it's kind of like a lot of other things lots of people get opportunities and they don't have to all hit but the one big one that does carries all the other ones that don't and that's the bat colored horse racing we always talk about the it's so speculative and it's so high risk that there's gonna be a lot to just don't pan out but if you get that one or two big horses they pay for all the other ones that don't work so it's not that hard to get a book anyway omar had a book and had some things that saying that book about albert belle and if i'm not mistaken albert just call the show one day it took exception to what this code written i mean we didn't book albert albert was listening to the show and called up in 2002 a kepler has been a long just listening to this show driving around one day listening to this show is say let's that's up to say.

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