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Nineteen thirty eight we go to barber in Sault Saint Marie Michigan Hey Barbara eighty one years old and going strong happy new year thank yell great guy out of the sun and the moon in Leo which is you can't keep this down I'm one of them okay what did you want to know barber the next year it's what allows Hauser you're gonna be yeah I would say on the whole it's been a little bit difficult this here for you as Saturn has squared Saturn it is definitely going to improve the only time I would be a little bit cautious would be the month of March because you're Pluto is being opposed by all these Capricorn planets but once you get into the spring of the year in April may June you're gonna have a whole re new Wilson doors are opening up for you it's it's going to be much more positive many follow up question their barb go ahead what the moving your next year too many any movies coming up she's a she's way opted sue St Marie Michigan okay okay let me think our own I would not put my money on that right now because at the end of this year you really need to give yourself a chance to think about that in may be thinking more about that moving into twenty twenty one and this year right bar good like you guys Linda's website by the way is soothsayer dot com that too was linked up it coast to coast AM dot com then word of people get your books Linda thank god it might say she said that to the se R. S. O. O. T. H. E. S. A. Y. E. R. go into my website and click on the pictures to the box and you'll get right to Amazon you could buy the books from there are you excited about twenty twenty Linda I am I am excited about twenty twenty I just think it's gonna be a year of revelation we we made it's going to be at times beginning at the twenty twenties while we're going to I think they have problems we need to say and and there and come up with solutions things that I have seen so many of us because of the powerful people in control because of the environment is crashing and burning everything so many people have kind of given up on that you manage the and if given up on the teachers are well paid my bills and have my is it better stay away it should forget about all the rest they're going it seems to work as a change on that score I think it once we get past these projections if there's good especially the young people I eat these millennials and young people just coming out with solutions and issues are grand children come to see us and they are into the consciousness movement that my husband and I were in back in the nineteen seventies beer troll and psychic development these youngsters are coming to us and say we want to know about that we want to open these doors we want to be more than what we have been dealt we want to save this world we want to do the things that are necessary that we are having all night conversations with our wonderful grand kids and their boyfriends and girlfriends and everything else well not gonna tell you you keep your attitude because I think it's fantastic Linda Sherman and again our website late topic.

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