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I want to pay everybody if you've seen by cca go by there and thank them and become part of cca they're working their rears off to get the recreational fishermen and saltwater recreational fishermen noticed and they've done it i mean when they say we have eleven million salt water anglers in the us that spend sixty three billion dollars yeah representatives our politicians are gonna take nose so now they're helping us they're helping the politicians the house of representatives has passed the modern visual and it basically says we're gonna help conserve we're going to help build yeah we're going to conserve our resources down there where they're going to help build reefs down there and that's what cca's been doing forever all these bank which they have you know they make a lot of money everybody's on make a lot of money with old banquets yeah they do but everything in texas is spent in texas along our texas coast and you know one of the one of my great guests one of my great friends is professor greg stunts dr stuns was the very first recipient of the a grant from cca now he has spent his laugh taken care and studying the gulf of mexico dr stans is the goto guy for washington dc on the gulf of mexico in fact you will seem here in the next few weeks shark week he told me he says ken i'll talk to you after the twenty second have a show on shark week and we'll be talking about the different you know what they do in in the co gopher could mexico about sharks last year they had something what they call it thing it was something about iraq or rusty cage or something about that but it was a very good show we had him right on right afterwards and that was last year this year he's doing another episode or another show far shark week so you'll see dr stunts and see him doing his thing for shark week so yeah that'd be good so i've got to tell you i'm gonna tell you i about magnum trailers and all season feeders they're giving a got a great give way you got to go to a magnum not yet when you hear the ads and we tell you to go to.

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