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That's an interesting question. Well I mean one of the first episode of the First Reps. I wasn't interview Stacey Abrams since I do people of the check that out We had a very good conversation. I think pertinent to these times Two episodes ago with the journalist Ron Brownstein where an in terms of the American majority peace. I think we'll find my editor and I was reading. The book was said. You should put your reference other people who validate your mouth. Show your point of view as like there really. Aren't that many people just Ron Brownstein. Right but I think more than most people. He's framed up. What's happening in this country as a battle between two coalitions coalition of restoration and coalition of transformation a restoration as the trump crowd? Make you know take America back. The transformation was the Obama coalition. And then when you look at things through that prism of what's happening in this country make sense including we talked about a fair amount about that is the corona virus responses is terms of how these different coalitions and the members's coalitions are responding to this moment so that episode actually thought was very engaging and an on point. See You have a to listen lists for us but you also have a to do for us. A democracy in color is one of swing left's partners in the big send. What impact are you hoping to have with this letter writing campaign and should volunteers pigeon? Yeah so we're excited to partner was left around it so a lot of people WANNA know. There's so much wrong. As many bad things happening this was even before you know. The whole pandemic is that it can be overwhelming in you know. Where do I focus my efforts? What can I do? What can I do to make a difference And so we think that we're we`re. We talked a lot of people we have analysis of. What's happening in different places and so we try to make recommendations regularly to our listeners are followers around how to help what they can do to channel their energy their target their limited energy and effort into an area which will make a difference and so the letter writing campaign. is unimportant. Something people can do with us a manageable route having to be you know overwhelmed terms of their time and energy and the data shows that personal connections are. What are most helpful in terms of voter turnout in so getting a personal letter from somebody is not your typical thirty second television ad etc. It's the type of intervention which I think you know intuitively as well as empirically shown to make a difference and so be able to have a group like swing left provide the infrastructure and the air traffic control around able to route the different letters in the right places is a really very valuable service and so that's why we were encouraging people to participate in that the channel their energies in ways. That would make a difference. That's awesome we really appreciate it. And he started out Our conversation talking about the very real concerns that we have for our democracy and elections in general Let's end up here by sharing. What gives you the most hope for our future. Well it's what we've talked a little bit in. Its toll this whole underlying concept around majority and who has who actually is the majority and the interesting piece that you know Ron. Brownstein affirmed in our conversation with him. Is that the new. American majority the coalition of transformation is bigger. It's the majority of people within this country and that this president does not now and has not ever had majority support. And if you look untie if he continues to act as if he does and but when you actually qualify surprised to find this is that not only did we take back. The congress renters have always different elections that have taken place since two thousand sixteen is. We flipped eight governorships that were Republican held since he took t took office. So all of the empirical data shows that the electoral trends are in our favor. And if we can actually mobilise have high turn out stay unified which was a big problem in two thousand sixteen people splintering third and fourth party. If we can do all of that we've definitely should remove this man from the White House and get this country back on course. Well when you say it late sounds pretty easy. No problem everyone needs to show up and vote and then we win. Don. That's the plan. Yeah all right. Well Steve Phillips thank you again for joining US everyone. Please CHECK OUT DEMOCRACY IN COLOR. And thanks for your continued work in partnership with swing left. We enjoy.

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