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Dot com once again here's Paul again we thank sandy peers irritates the whole Huntington bank family have been real stand up of people whenever there's a problem Hey even when there's not a problem but whenever there's a problem in Michigan and we we really appreciate their support as we continue to virtually tour of the great state of Michigan with our seventeenth annual Paul W. Smith sure Michigan virtual tour and we we appreciate you very much our listeners and we appreciate very much our sponsors like like cruise ships sheplers Mackinac Island ferry we're supposed to be up there within a few days of right now to be to be inaugurating christening one of their newest boats they're fairies they build another one in Michigan that will come soon enough and then of course the colorful all round good guy in Marty Hornacek at Northwoods wholesale outlet in pink conning disagree it's a pleasure to stop by there and that they have everything they have things that haven't even been invented yet and they're on sale that's how good they are all right meanwhile by the way the president was here he wore a mask briefly that has been confirmed directly to me from Mister Jim Hackett the fine CEO of Ford a very was with bill Ford Jim Hackett and all the other four people without a mask looking very much like the vice president at the Mayo Clinic without a mask the president did put on a mask and had it on for a moment but is he probably said away from the media because he didn't want to give them the pleasure of seeing it meanwhile we are open Michigan and no one doing a better job than our own Dana Clark the finding restaurants with Kerry wood and later we'll be talking about movies to watch at home and with the family I always recommend saving private Ryan especially going into Memorial Day Dana yes that is a great movie and now we thank our vets of course for their service so we are open is kicking off the grilling season today of course it's Memorial Day and we are expecting people to be grilling all this weekend so I just pulled up a few restaurants that are you know famous for their barbecue like famous Dave's and they have a a location I know nobody they probably have several locations throughout the metro area and they are serving their famous fees the all American barbecue feast itself full slab of St Louis style spare ribs a roasted chicken Texas beef brisket some creamy coleslaw got have the Cole slaw especially with the barbecue and the beans that have.

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