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Breathing. We can see that Joe doesn't wantto Debate. But here is the story. If Joe makes it through the debate, I think you're an hour and 1/2 and I said only standing after stand, but if he makes it through the debate The news. Not do people. Uh, let's say the three of you. Yeah, I'm pretty sure you call it straight. But The news will say it was the greatest performance in the history of debating He was brilliant. He was unbelievable job, but he has to do is if he can make it off the stage and walk. Back unassisted. They will say it was the single greatest debate performance in history. You know that, And so do I. Yeah, And that's what concerns me is that the bar is being set so low for Biden so You know, Hopefully that will work itself out between now and the first debate, And we all know the first debate should be earlier, right? Because now it's not. Election Day. It's election month or election months, and people are going to start to cast ballots in swing states very soon. So let's not set the purr for Beytin quite so low. In the meantime, though, that ties into my first question to you can he and Harris get away with not answering questions, and they both want to avoid answering questions for a couple of different reasons, right, which is in the case of Biden. It's because obviously, and it's not meant to make fun of him. He's in cognitive decline in the case of Harris. The reason that they want to at this point try to protect her from questions is she doesn't have good answers. I mean, there's so much out there she does not have good answers. Now. One of the few places that she will take a question at this point is With a safe questioner Steve Colbert on late night TV. But listen to this answer. The question is going to be about, you know. Harris, essentially right, called Biden a racist during that debate and co bears asking. Well, how can you guys be lovey dovey now and then listen to her answer, not just the words, which are totally illogical to the point of insulting the questioner and the listener. But her manner which is just sort of like if you didn't know the context better, you'd say. Are you in? Colorado, You know where there's there's a lot of substance use right now. Whether it's alcohol drugs, etcetera mean it just sounds weird. So here it is. Added haymakers on Joe Biden. I mean, they were his teeth were like chocolate all over the stage. And now I believe you that you're fully supportive of him. How does that transition happened? How do you go from being such a passionate opponent? On such bedrock principles for you. And now you guys seem to be pals. It was a debate. Everybody landed punches.

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