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Diggers is going to sign off fingers crossed class over here like to know if he has ever thought of this and how it might have affected you he's older now as i'd like to know that i sure like the no right now until we get him up we find him on facebook i mean he his ability to diagnose other human beings only go so far like he's guy i don't even know if he's allowed the broken high don't know if he's allowed to take one of those little those little triangular little hammer things and hit people on the knee i don't know if he is qualified for that i mean no somebody else come into ruin andy in one full dr miller can you please come to room three fifty eight somebody needs their reflexes tested and i'm not qualified to do it this is danny oh my god the nursing profession my mother was a nurse well do you know my mother you know my mother mode damage shed i have met her guests you won't talk about courage while here about somebody who lived not just not just survived but lived this is a woman who volunteered wasn't this wasn't put on her by the man she thought it would be a cool life experience she because inmates need medical treatment as well she would go to the joint and when they needed shots or whatever whatever they needed she would give them their shots and stuff just because you know who you know interacting with now heisman trophy winner billy cannon what prison dentist is that true was well it's the time you should go into end goal and fit what he thinks about that does that the admire mouth one hundred percent i admired them and i met her do you know what what you won't admire about her.

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