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Isn't real time. This doesn't work for this medium. Yeah. Maybe if we recorded a podcast during the Civil War, maybe this would work, but maybe. Maybe. So I'm your host Nolan Sykes, joined as always by Joe Weber. Whoop whoop. What's up? Yeah, so if James gets his Internet fixed, he'll call in. You'll just have to stick around and listen to see if that happens. I'm just going to have to listen to the very last minute to see if he stops by. Yeah, but this week we are talking about the science family. Carlos signs junior is probably one of the more popular drivers on the grid these days. Because he's so handsome. He's a very handsome fellow. It just seems like a good dude. He's a great driver too. I think his parts on drive to survive have really kind of helped his popularity for sure. Absolutely. Especially online. I think it's in season two or three where they focus on Carlos and they're like at the signs estate of Spain and I'm like, man, I wish I was at that dinner. That looks so nice. I just want to see it be at the table and just enjoy good content. Just eating like jamon jamon iberico next to this beautiful Lake. Yes. With all the science family. I would just sit there and just enjoy being there. I won't even say anything. I know very little Spanish. They probably all speak English, but I'm excited for today's episode. So without further ado, let's get into it. Carlos signed senior was born on April 12th, 1962, in Madrid, Spain. Carlos was good at every sport he tried. He won the Spanish squash championship at age 16. And was good enough at soccer or football to be invited to try out for Real Madrid. His favorite team to this day. Damn, this guy's good. Yeah, what? Have you ever played squash? I don't even know what that is. I play pickleball, which is like squash light. Oh, interesting. My parents love pickleball. It's very popular in a task here right now. I think everyone's parents are into pickleball. It's easy on the knees. Oh, did they call it pickleball because it's like a different squash? Because a pickle is a pickled cucumber, which is technically a squash. No. A cucumber is not part of the squash family. Okay, well, we can debate that at another time. Carlos spent two years in law school before he dropped out to pursue a career in racing, like his brother, Antonio. Carlos started racing in 1980, and by 1986, he finished second in the Spanish rally championship, driving a Group B, Renault 5 turbo. He won the Spanish rally championship in 1987 and 1988, driving a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth and made his first appearances in the world rally championships with Ford around that same time. The rear wheel drive Ford Sierra struggled to compete with the all wheel drive cars on the WRC stage. So Carlos left Ford for Toyota in 1989. Oh wait, is this the year that they cheated? No, but I'm sure we'll talk about that. That was a mid 90s. Oh, and also I've got egg all over my face because cucumber definitely in the squash family. Yes. Score one for Nolan. I'm keeping track. Carlos's time at Ford wasn't a total loss, however. It was there that he teamed up with Luis moya, who would leave Ford with signs and remain his co driver for the next 15 years. Signs got on the podium three times in 1989 in his Toyota celica GT four ST one 6 5 Supra turbo and probably would have won the final race of the season, the RAC rally, if it weren't for mechanical failure in the final stages. He finished 8th overall in total points despite starting the season with four retirements in a row. It's pretty clear that science has a lot of town at this point. I mean, he's been in the game for 9 years now. People know he's good. He's just got to get that bit of luck. So 1989 that the super was still part of the celica line or what? Yeah, I mean, Supra was just a trim of celica. Yeah, I know that, but I thought that it had become its own car by 1989, but I guess I'm wrong. Toyota salka GT four ST one 65, Supra turbo. I think they only called the boxy loom once, the celica Supra. And then when it got more curvy, that's when it became just a silica on its own. Yeah, I love my curvy car. I love my curvy car. By 1999, it was on. Science drove the celica GT four ST one 6 5 to his first WRC victory at the acropolis rally in Greece and followed up with victories at rally New Zealand and the 1000 lakes rally in Finland. The 1000 lakes rally is driven on wide and smooth, gravel roads, and is considered the fastest event in the world rally championship. When I used to play dirt all the time, dirt rally, Finland was definitely my favorite because this is a good track. That's so fun. So fast. This is where that Hyundai I 20 flipped over, like crazy. This course is often called the Grand Prix on gravel. Signs was the first non Nordic driver to win the thousand lakes rally in the 40 year history of the event. Jesus. This is one of the many times that science was the first to do something in WRC. And perhaps it was a foreshadowing of his son's aptitude for driving on tarmac and form of the one. Signs went on to win the last race of the year, the aforementioned RIC rally to capture his first WRC driver's title in 1990. He beat out Lancia's Ariel and cancun, becoming the first driver outside of Lancia to win the championship since the start of the group a era in 1987. Signs nearly defended his title in 1991. He won three of the first four rallies, but then rolled his car in Australia in a wreck that left him in a neck brace. Signs went into the final RIC rally up one point on his rival canon, but ultimately lost, driving the final stages with an overheating engine. And signs points totals, one 50 and one 43, both broke the previous record set by signs in 1990. Dude, I just lost my fantasy baseball match by one point. And it's killing me. Oh, dude, are you going to have to do some weird wager? No, I think we only put ten bucks in, but it's just the principle. I see. Well, better luck next time, Joe. Thank you. Signs one is second and final WRC drivers championship in 1992 in dramatic come from behind fashion. Signs and moya left Toyota the following year due to a conflict of interest regarding motor oil sponsorship. Signs the driver was sponsored by Repsol. Toyota's new sponsor was castrol. Signs and moya had no choice, said moya quote, if we didn't leave Toyota in 1992 to go to Lancia, we probably would have been the kind of drivers that would have remained on the same team. Maybe forever at Toyota. Why is that a bad thing though? I don't know. There's a lot of implications in there that I don't really understand. I feel like a lot of drivers like, you know, pick one team and then stay with it forever. Yeah, I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. Just maybe he's just talking about getting like stagnant. Yeah, maybe. Staying on the same team would not be the way things worked out for signs. Signs would switch teams 6 times in the next 12 years with plenty of big wins, but more bad luck along the way. Uh oh. Uh oh. Foreshadowing, dude. Science first and only year with Lancia was a disaster. Launcher had won the manufacturer's championship every year from 1987 to 1992, but when signs arrived in 1993, the writing was on the wall. According to signs, the evolution. The evolution of launcher stopped one year before. I have good memories of the people but the car was science trailed off, not one to talk negatively about anybody..

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