Donald Trump, Mr Nunez Ambassador Ivanovich, Joe Biden discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network


It's so then. Trump asks that he asks via Ah Ukrainians he says. Hey could you look into Joe Biden was doing and now for a freaking out saying that trump is doing something wrong. When you Biden clearly did was being incorrupt and we're just ignoring whatever? Whatever woman via asked to testify she said Oh no no? I had no idea that That I I have no idea what he's talking about and it's clearly on video. I mean these people are Disgusting Liars so then I think the next to everyone is shorter. It's called the blocking Republicans raising questions. Very go since the ambassador. Yield to you Mr. Thank you Mr Nunez Ambassador Ivanovich. Thank you for being today. Gentlewoman was suspend. What does the interruption? For this time it is our time. The gentleman will suspend your not recognized Mr Nunez. You or counselor Salaam just recognize the House resum sixty or not allowed to yield time except to minority ranking member yielded time another member of Congress. It was not accurate here gagging the that is accurate or a master yvonna. Vich I wanNA thank you for a woman and you're not recognized. This is the fifth time you have. Interrupted erupted members of Congress. Woman will suspend Mister Chair we we control the time and customary this committee. Whoever controls the time can yield to control the Russians seems appropriate? That we've been able to let Mr Phonic. Ask Ask question soon as you or Minority Council recognized Mr Castro you recognized. Doesn't it look about Adam Schiff anyway so I find it funny. Despite of the Democrat talking points about letting women speak and strong on women in leadership and then a woman and ask the question and then Adam Schiff immediately shuts down and not particularly. We have much care for many of these. GOP representatives. But I think that just shows how I guess scaredy is of having whatever impeachment LID EB low over where it's like it's all nothing and trump is definitely done some things that warrant investigation all of these people have but they just WanNa keep this political circus going going for for whatever I guess to buy enough time until they could get to the election and get just so much bad press and so many of the low Iq low information voters to vote against him and vote for a Democrat. Or whatever be legitimately thing. Donald trump is a criminal and trump's not doing anything about it and this is an I remember ver- was a certain I remember a certain free talk live host. WHO's no longer here with us? I asked him a question. I said who would you rather adversaries what would be a better outcome. Hillary Clinton winning the Twentieth Sixteen election and Donald Trump and he said Hillary Clinton Winning Hillary Clinton one then somehow magically Republicans would win both the House and Senate and the government would be in a gridlock and nothing would get done and therefore freedom would freedom would somehow happened right question question..

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