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So we actually talked somebody to talk to the lady at the counter bought my ticket mind, you I did probably didn't even need to go one minute flush my debit card and just like actually have to saving. Did you you popcorn? No, no fucking ice. Made mistake. It was. So there was no room for that. But it was great. I sat right of the front probably was going to cry. I'm just gonna have some privacy and said the front hang on isn't your net going to be like it wasn't too bad. I was like, Okay. okay. True. True. And there's quite a bit of a buffer between this the front row in the screen. Like, it's not like the big theaters where you're really like you've you're looking behind you. No, it was it was totally fine. And I would I would think if I was going to cry drain which is every single day of ever seen in my life. I cry. There you go. I'm glass case emotion tenderhearted yet. But I would think my lodge like your logic is that you go to the front snowing conceal. My logic would be I would go to the very bad. Everyone's looking so that everyone everyone's looking forward, and when everyone gets up to leave they don't look back towards you. They just leave out you don't you don't have to look at anyone in the in the face that would be we'll see in my my logic is they can't see my face because first of all I'm like super sludge done, right? And then. They can't see me. And then I can't see them. Yeah. It is a personal movie experience. There's nobody in front of me. There was no one in my row. I could here like paper, whatever rappers behind me. But I was it was just me Alexander McQueen. What if someone you friends came and sat in front in the front of you, would you then move in front of them because you have three rows? Yeah. I'd probably move over. At least in my row over comeback. K screening kick them. Sure. Curse them in my mind. Yeah. Absolutely. But the movie was fantastic. It was so wonderful to see on the big screen because his stuff is so intense and the shows themselves are so intense, and there's such a comprehensive experience right being around them. And the, you know, I I've been watching them on my phone or in a magazine on my computer for years, right? So to see them on the big screen was. It was it was very much. Absolutely cried at the end when they talk about his death. And I think it's playing against tonight. Maybe I'll go tonight we're going to showing tonight. I think go, but it was fantastic. So so sad. He's just so amazing. Sure, no other real way just league of his own. Let's the thing there's nobody like him. And even says he didn't want us to continue after he died. But really just think he is his brand..

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