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You called john thank you three presix 1320 is our number one seven nineteen flawed missed and forty six zero kelo good morning near a pillow how are you after one well thank you what do you make of this this latest allegation against judge more why didn't the hannity's interview with him and i england the ian her nate nate and and maybe that make the difference and navy is that by an email and not now but i found it really really hard to believe eat so overdone spotted with gone she didn't dawn i wasn't convinced and the reason that i don't yeah limping gene how old is she now and you know i am different people react different than i've known a lotta people that have actually been rate and assault that years later gene still going on and it was great you know if you know who is this druze she was definitely sexually assaulted a while in what is true then you yup what i'm thing that i do think that really i don't believe her and you know i would never reject it'd be let's just for the sake of conversation they're assuming it is it that it is true i mean wouldn't it be pretty disturbed about it well i guess you know sure each stuff but i think she was hysterical mean she's i on the verge of tears and this is a is a horrible experience that she's recounting uh but i i didn't think she was hysterical or you know i i i would for our own conclusions from all the thing is i wanna be waiting regardless if the jury not to damage has been done despite the accusation whatever happens proving you know i guess when you're in hollywood in the you know the i you don't you're not afforded that.

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