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Feet tall lean but fit they got a picture of him and i gotta tell you what here's who who threatened her it's either tom brady or jon bon jovi tom brady than bon jovi by far he says it looks like mark suelas now the paper has a bunch of different brady adrian drew jon bon jovi willem dafoe it looks nothing jack wagner mark consolo said so jack weiner's vegas on what might have been him trying to stay away from his his exit out there i'm not ruling out jon bon jovi i don't know if it was which job he's out there looking for somebody to sing to their stormy daniels a big defender of donald trump as well not exactly exactly in that case hey changed his hair all the time we're in those others you never know exactly six thirty three if you're a parent of a teenage kid or any kid you unless it's an exceptional child they're very careful about how they tell you they love you to say anything nice about you when they're at the mall my kids tell me they love me time depends on the age you know i had a back at a busy train day yesterday and early in the evening i got a hit on my on my phone and that was a a note from my daughter on facebook she posted it up on her facebook page really and it was she'd read that piece that they did on us and ad age magazine yesterday and i can't i can't even do you this you need help it's just that she just wrote a little note how proud she is over day scott you you give so much love to her and support you're not afraid of telling her you'll love or you're not afraid of crying i love i am i'm not the door when i'm on the air but you you reap what you sow and that she wrote wrote real nice.

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