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Just go to Dan patrick dot com. Watch and listen from inside the Mercedes AMG Man came Mercedes AMG driving performance. By the way, the back room guys the BR dge is the 12 15 podcast coming up. Later on today, that's tasty. I haven't heard with rundown is, Are any of you guys being asked to do? Ah, guest appearance on the podcast with the back room, guys? I think Polly, myself and Fritzi have been on Seton and MK 11 of you made an appearance with the back room guys. I have nothing. You have no okay. I'm not upset about it, though. Be careful on your way to. No, I'm actually not upset sweeps week getting CEO when we needed it gets big ratings. They're big ratings. They're more phone calls coming up. We got a chance to speak to Dodger Hall of Famer Vin Scully yesterday after the show. Hunt auctions is honoring the great Vin Scully. They're going to have an auction and it's going to take place coming up in September, and you're gonna you're gonna be able to bid on some items here. His World Series ring from 1988. You're also going to be able to bid on the score book in his last game that he did another World Series ring here. President Reagan's signed baseball Devyn. Scully's also in there, and I started out the conversation with Vince Scali by asking him how his summer Wass My summer has been the Haydn seek. The temperatures out here have been unusually high were our backyard temperature one day. 117. However, my wife and I spend most of our lives now at home so I could just sum up the summer and two words at home. You miss watching games or calling games. You know, I don't miss calling them at all. And I must say, I kind of demand something from the game. I'm watching if it's very slowly played game. If it's just a long game, I might just turn it off and go to bed way. Gotta be reasonable here, Lee, So I like to watch him for a while. And right now it's for instance, today or this will be on the air tomorrow Friday. But today while we're taping this We have football coming on tonight. We have the Dodgers playing tonight. We have a basketball game tonight. So we spend our time my wife and I bouncing from one sport to another. And on the weekend we really look forward to watching golf. If you ever called a game without fans. No, never may be reasonably small crowds going backto Brooklyn where Ah, you could hear the voices of the individual fans. I remember. I had just started with Red Barber and Connie Desmond and I was really a kid, and there was a famous woman fan. Her name was Hilda Chester, and she had a cow bell, and she worked away all over the ballpark Shoe was extremely colorful on this particular day with a very small crowd. I heard her heavy voice say then, Scully. I love you and the crowd. Whatever that wass kind of laughed and I lowered my head. And she said, Look at me when I'm talking to you how small across it Wass one day and that, But how important is that crowd for you? Especially when you're doing a game on the radio. Oh, I loved it. I told the story many times When I grew up about eight years old. We had a big four legged radio and I would crawl underneath it. With some saltine crackers and a glass of milk and I would listen to a college football game. And let's just say it was Alabama, Tennessee. I had no idea who was playing or anything but I learned to love the roar of the crowd, and if I have a trademark or had it would be called a play that's quickly and accurately as I could, and then shut up. And listen to the crowd, and for a few seconds it was eight years old again and someone during one of the World Series games somebody hit a home run. And I called the home run and as networks are want to do, they showed the home run again and I just shot up and the columnist road. Perhaps then Scully made his greatest contribution by saying nothing. I took that to heart. I didn't think of it as criticism. I thought of is yes, You're right. The best thing I can do in the crowd roars is shut up. There's nothing about it, but to have that self discipline because it feels like announcers want to over call a game. And here you are. Having almost a seatbelt on to say plays over quiet, let the crowd or on beyond settle in, and it almost feels like it would draw me closer. Through the game while I'm listening because I almost lean in Mohr, because you're not saying anything. Yeah, I think again it goes all the way back to my love of the roar of the crowd. Probably. Ah, Couple of the longest pauses. While I had enjoyment of listening to the crowd, one would certainly the Kirk Gibson's oil Siri's homerun, and another one was Henry Aaron's record breaking on run. I mean, what the heck can you say? One should call the home run. Except sit back and really luxuriated listening to this crowd. Just be ecstatic. I loved it, but you were also in the call for the catch with Joe Montana and Dwight Clark. Did you react the same way in a football moment as you would in a baseball moment? Oh, sure. I mean, if I remember there was less than a minute to go and Montana throws to Clark and the catch is made and the Niners.

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