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He's willing to take threes. I guess that's good. He needs to actually make them every once in a while. And so those are the players who really got the primary minutes that Mike Scott would have played neither one of them looked up to par for me for a series against an opponent this good. I mean Toronto their rotation. Does not have weak points. Like that Philly rotation does. And then the other big Philly bench question is what happens with bovine because Bogan got attacked pretty aggressively as well negative seventeen for Boba on in this game. There's a one play in transition. We got matchup on Danny green that he just over helped off the strong side corner and gave up a three the shooting centers. Rivoli get whatever they wanted it against him, Baca, Anga soul. Kosovo hit a three atom as well. And he's not able to get out in the mid range against leonardy either. So yet, that's a major problem. They did not go back to him for another stint while and and Toronto scored one point six four points per possession. When Bobo was on the floor. Yeah. And that was really a big part of that initial run that they made in the third. We also one of the things we thought they might be okay at is guarding Kawhi Leonard. And obviously Kawai just went bad shit insane with that forty five points. He was eight out twelve for mid range three of seven from downtown got to the line. Will attend of eleven got to the basket finish their in Jimmy Butler when I went at Butler one on one aegis torture. He had this one spin move another time in the post where he just went in and went for a left handed dunk that were no one helped. And then Embiid wasn't able to be that much of an influence her because they've got gazelle out there a lot of time. He's gonna station out at the three point line. So it's gonna mute and beads affect you know, he's not go isn't quite the guy that Al Horford is out there. But enough that in beads not gonna feel like he could just help with impunity. I guess Ben Simmons is going to be the best option on Kurai dig gave James sometime there NS was the best option for Memphis two years ago against Kawhi a not that doesn't mean a successful option. But just the best of the guys who were available at that point in time. So they do a theory of options, but you know, Leonard torch, all those guys. And so we thought that might be one thing they had it and how come they didn't really weren't able to guard him either. So we thought hey, they've got all the sides. They've got these versatile athletes on the perimeter. Ter- and note, those guys got lit up any. Yeah. And and so silly doesn't have a lot of they don't have a lot of counters some of that is personnel and the limitations of their specific roster. And so you're sitting there going, well, how do you do better? Maybe you can force the ball out of croissants, though, that you're Wordsley conceding better shots to other guys. Like that. That's what you're doing there and a lot and maybe you can try to do a better job getting back in transition Phillies been pretty bad at that this year. I thought that that was some of what the did. So well was just pushing and creating an advantage, and he he's been great at that all year, and they can shoot better. I mean, maybe maybe they could do that. There were thirty nine percent from the field. Forty two percent on twos. Thirty four percent on threes. Not getting not having an advantage at the free throw line is also going to be a problem for Philly. I I think they'll they could maybe turn that a little bit..

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