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Built this from NPR? Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Janine Herbst. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders slammed the restrictive abortion laws passed by several states recently, and a rally in Alabama today, which passed the most restrictive abortion ban in the country. Sanders said this is a well-funded attack or native by right wing extremists to deny women, the right to control their own bodies genetic here from member station. WB HMO has more. Senator Bernie Sanders visit comes nearly a week after Alabama governor Kay Ivey signed into law, one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the nation at a rally in Birmingham Sanders. Call the states abortion ban a quote disgrace. No mistake about these laws are dangerous. They all regressive and they are blatantly unconstitutional. The rally was held at a park across the street from the historic sixteenth street. Baptist church for NPR news. I'm John AP air in Birmingham. I didn't Trump threatened. The Ron in a tweet today saying if Tehran wants a fight that will be the official end of Iran to never threaten the United States. Again, Trump tighten economic sanctions against Iran and is built up the US military presence in the region to counter, an alleged unexplained threat from that country and explosion near Egypt's pyramids in Giza has wounded at least twelve people and furious. Jana raff reports. Most of the injured are tourists. A roadside bomb. Detonated as a tourist bus was passing by near the Giza pyramids and the site of a plan new museum, according to security officials who did not want to be identified photos on social media showed a bus with windows blown out and at least one tourist with blood on their clothes who appeared slightly injured in December three Vietnamese tourists. And in addition guide were killed when a roadside bomb. I'm hit their tour bus if you miles from the pyramids, Egypt has been trying to increase tourism with sites, including a huge new museum due to open next year that will display the treasures, king Tut's tomb, Jane. Raff NPR news. The Italian government plans to intensify its anti migrant policies with a new security decree that would change the country's sailing code and impose fines on every legal. Migrant asylum-seeker NPR Sylvia. Poggioli reports the hard-line interior minister Mateo Savini has seen his popularity soar, thanks to his crackdown on charity ships that rescue migrants at sea. His new degree would allow the minister van any ship considered a potential threat from entry Italy's territorial waters. It would also impose a fine of more than six thousand dollars for each migrant transported into Italy, UN human rights. Investigators have urged the decree, be withdrawn, saying, violates migrants human rights, and therefore violates international law. Sylvia, petrole reporting, Asian markets are trading mixed territory at this hour. The Nikkei in Japan about a half percent. You're listening to NPR news. Chicago will swear in its first black female and openly gay mayor tomorrow. Laurie life foot a former prosecutor and political outsider wrapped up her year long listening tour by visiting church today where she called on adults to be strong role models for young people. She won with seventy three percent of the vote and won all fifty wards life will replace mayor Rahm Emanuel who didn't run for another term the president of Austria is calling for early elections in September scary Skyring reports from Vienna. The governing coalition of conservative and far-right parties has collapsed after talks with chancellor Sebastian coots, president, Alexander van Tibet and said he wants elections as soon as possible, because trust has been lost in one part of government. He was referring to the Freedom Party whose leader Heinz, Christine struck resigned over video in which he office state contracts in return for political favors. The scandal comes just a week before European parliamentary elections, in which right? Party. These are expected to do well, but the video widely seen across the continent could damage more than just Austria's far-right others have modeled themselves on the Freedom Party, one of the most successful in Europe. But its record in both this and past governments has been marred by scandal. For NPR news. I'm Kerry Skyring in Vienna. At the weekend box office avengers, endgame has been knocked out of the top spot as Kano Reeves, violent film, John wick, chapter three para bellum debuted in first place with an estimated fifty seven million dollars in ticket sales. The film about an assassin who never seems to get a break took in thirty five million dollars globally on Janine Herbst, NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the Zamel family foundation, supporting the National Center for learning disabilities, which works to improve the lives of the one in five individuals with learning and attention issues. Learn.

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