Puerto Rico, Gulf Coast, Hurricane Maria discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Lisa Brady Fox News, the latest tropical storm just born in the Eastern Atlantic, even as parts of the Gulf Coast remain underwater from Hurricane Sally. Boxes, Evan Brown has more live. At least the damage assessments and power restoration continues along the Gulf Coast, especially in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Some estimates of power outages were greater than 400,000. And now there is a new storm named a named Wilfred. It's a low pressure system off the coast of Africa. It is the last name in the 2020 list for Atlantic hurricanes. A depression in the Gulf of Mexico, with potential to threaten Texas is likely to become tropical Storm. Alfa at some point in Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria, which devastated the island. Three years ago. The White House has FEMA will award nearly $13 billion for infrastructure work, including on the energy grid. Remember the energy and power grid there in Puerto Rico wasn't really horrible shape. Before Maria came in and literally wipe the entire thing out. John Roberts at the White House Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is skeptical of the timing, suggesting it's political ahead of the November election. Last week, the president issued a disaster declaration from Puerto Rico over damage from hurricane ideas. For now, a proposed partnership between Oracle and TIC Tac parent company Bite Dance remains under review. Millions of Americans who use it or another Chinese owned APP face new restrictions beginning this weekend on Sunday. Both we chat and Tic Tac will be deep platforms in the United States, the Commerce Department's director of policy Robert Blair's is that means No. One in the U. S. We able to will be able to download those abs or updates for them to their phones. He says That band could be reversed if the Oracle deal is approved. Trump administration hasn't said. Yet. If it's enough to address security concerns, America.

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