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Easy coming up in a few moments, I got two quarterbacks that I want to see how they perform this weekend. I'll tell you they are in a 2nd 1st up. Let's take Mike and Philadelphia. He's next up in the sack. Help show Mikey what you say. How you doing tonight, Jack doing fantastic. So I want to talk a little bit about the Eagles quarterback situation. I'm calling from the area of the city of Brotherly Love. I'm diehard Eagles, sand and yes, I will. I will be blunt. Carson once has been terrible is here he deserved the eventual professional reasons. I really don't think Howie Roseman handling of this quarterback situation has been competent or honorable it all I'll tell you why I'll give you a few reasons like one Howie Roseman risk fracturing once his confidence in the locker room needlessly with that hurts Pick when you could have been just virtually any position on the roster making once in the locker room, they're forced to point now. Was a disservice to the entire organization as playing out exactly how you'd expect Number two. From the moment John Hart's was drafted Howie Roseman, his leverage churches career for his own personal gain. In the best case scenario hurts would be trade ship. But now we're seeing the worst case scenario with Carson's aggression and hurts being found in the works to save jobs. Either way, I think it's bad poker, and it's really slimy. And the last thing I want to talk about him here. I'm interested to get your opinion. Have a strong feeling that like I even know like I said Carson deserved revenge is that the one wearing how behind the benching was very much Howie Roseman driven. Here's Why. All those media leaks that occurred Laurie walking off practice and skipping the Browns game once his practice habits Jalen hurts, receiving more first team snaps in practice that we get to Seattle game and then Jeff Laurie, given the director of the bench went to be struggles. There's a picture being painted that Carson and Douglas solely responsible for the season, and Doug Peterson, who doesn't want to be scapegoat and who's desperate to save his job. Has his hand foursome mentions went, I think how he really pressured Doug. The media back channels because of Carson continue to play and play poorly. All roads lead back to how he needs to go on her efforts. Playing Rose minus two narratives he can spend to save his job. The first place well, Carson's a problem. It hurts, struggles ducks to problem and I just think overall, like I said, it's bad poker. It's really slimy. And I'm disappointed as a fan on the personal level, regardless of what you think of John Hurt's and Carson much is playing readiness at how this has been handled disgusting. Mike, you bring up a lot of good points, and this is what I'll say. I think it's either Jeffrey Lori driven or a tally Roseman driven, and I've said this before on the show. Hey, Carson's deserving to blame. He's got to play better. Doug Peterson's deserving of blame. He's got a coach better if you ask me, though, Who is that? The biggest fault for the fall from grace of the Eagles were after they won that Super Bowl up against the Pats and Super Bowl? 52. I was there I was in that locker room. Cover in the team, and everyone told me it's the new norm. This is the new beginning. We expect this each and every year they started throwing out the D word dynasty. That's what they were going to turn into. If you ask me the biggest problem, excluding the owner, because you're never gonna get rid of the owner, but who is the biggest person at fault for the Eagles, demise of why they haven't reached more success. It's Howie Roseman. Hey, Carson has not been good. I know he's been injured as well. Last year, though, at least he had something to grab onto in those final 34 games with nothing around them. Doug Peterson. He's got to the playoffs twice since that Super Bowl with the roster that has not been great, let alone good and how we rose Been. What has he done? What is how we rose Been done since 2017 That's Super Bowl winning season. He hasn't got this roster better. He is significantly made this roster regress. He has not got the offensive line younger. Yeah, sure. Dylan has not panned out. That's his pick. Brandon Brooks Injury unfortunate with two Achilles Wide receivers. Very simple. Wide receivers he could've had Justin Jeff for city could add DK Metcalf. Just take a hit on one might ask you to get both hit on one. He drafted J. J R. Thank a white side. And then Jaylen Reagor. The guy is just not a good evaluator of talent. He is a cap genius. Every years, I'd be sitting in that locker room. How the Eagle's gonna do this and trying to number comes up. You know what, How he's gonna figure it out. Howie Roseman is failing the city of Philadelphia. He's failing the Eagles right now. What's that long ago He was getting praise left and right. He had his office basically moved to the other side of the building with Chip Kelly all that they don't like each other, and then how euros been emerges and delivers them a Super Bowl. Doug was huge and winning that Super Bowl. Frank Reich was huge and winning that Super Bowl and also give credit to Howie for building death on that roster. It's the same stuff each and every year. We're yes. Carson has not been good. Who's he tossed in the football too? Why do you keep on bringing back to Sean Jackson? Why is there a fascination in Philadelphia? Whenever LaShawn McCoy becomes available? Let's bring back well. Shawn McCoy, who you guys are advocating for Jeremy Macklin to come back to It doesn't make sense to me some of these decisions and Howie Roseman has made And I gave you some tangible evidence. Of Doug the last two years what he's done since the Super Bowl. Got team to the second round of the playoffs. Found the Super Bowl. Bunch of injuries last year, still got the team to the playoffs with a bunch of injuries. Carson last four games last year, throwing a Boston Scott and Greg Ward Jr. Hoo! Yeah. Those two names..

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