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Chang. All right. i'll skip back to a few more of these questions before we run out of time here might from salem massachusetts says hi. Dave love shown enjoying the book about halfway through so far. My question is outside of the classics like hot dogs. Peanuts and sausages. What are your favorite non traditional foods to eat at a ballpark for me. Boiled peanuts is southern. Classic was a nice change of and pulled pork from bears barbecue at the hartford yard goats stadium. I know we talked a little bit about ballpark food but some unconventional ballpark food. You like chang Everyone when i went to packbell you gotta get the garlic fries now. Search garbage so bad so bad there so you gotta get these garlicky fries. Those things it's hard to eat. You got shit all over your fingers. They're all clumped together in like a smushed up mass of soggy. And i'd rather eat truffle fries than than that so no i in terms of unusual things. And i'll tell you one thing. I won't be eating. American ballparks are sushi machi roles. That's something that i will not eat. i'm a big fan of personal pizzas. I don't think pretzels are very good. And usually i don't know what what other foods are there. That are different. I mean it's you know. I've seen crean things now. You see some rice bowls. I'm also gonna say not ballpark. Food can't do it. Just my personal take and how we have stands and several ballparks and stadiums. And i can't wait. The world reopens up again so they can be back in business. But i personally for anything. That's a stadium. Sports food is it has to be eaten with your hand. No utensils you just can't use utensils and it's gotta be something that you could even eat with one hand in one hand holding a beer in one hand which is why i'm not a nachos person and stadiums because like you got i. I feel like anything you eat. Has to be something where you can shove in your mouth like the boat is in your mouth and you can eat because you've got to prepare for that moment where you have a beer drinking your hand and something else and i think there's only so many foods that you can do and chicken fingers with your heads which can also put put in your mouth. I might eat it that way for our listeners. At home who couldn't see. Dave basically had chicken fingers like a horse's feedback up to about eating them and french fries. All that stuff you can just like eat with your like can boat to mouth but everything else that seems to be like sandwiches for me. No burgers for me. It depends you know. I feel like sandwiches. It depends your settings you can eat these things but you have to eat it like while you're standing before you get down to your seat in the struggle to get it the seat israel now and again like if you're real pro you gotta really get most. You're eating in on the bathroom. Breaks i gotta go about their. Yeah you can't shovel food in your face. Surrounded by people come home with like with the fucking kiss cam out there just waiting to catch you at the all the all the food you got to eat while you're going to the bathroom you'll be right back. Hey are we gonna. Isn't that fucking kiss. Cam gonna ever go away. I just find it to be the most insane thing in the entire world. what do you think about. The kiss cam agree. It's pretty ridiculous. I don't think it's going away. Wanted to land on me. I just want to win. Just the the mistletoe of the kiss cam Molina wrote a five star apple review. I believe and she says i'm mexican. And from san diego the way i grew up eating instant rahman was get a cup of noodles at valentine hot sauce and a squeeze of lime into it out of that. I don't know much about rahman add like to try something new. I love spicy flavor. Thanks for help. Molina's asking for instant ramen thoughts introductions brands you like anything tips for molina. Also the valentine hot sauce and lime in company. It all sounds very good. Molina well if you hold on for some time you may become an. I'm maybe working on something to answer your your your your your your problem here coming out. Soon he'd be. Wow wow that is eight. That's news to even mr christopher being here. I'm fighting twitter with excitement about that. That sounds pretty awesome I've got a question. This is from christopher yang of California five stars loved the show first time a longtime participant for some caller I saw this the other day guys and tell me if i'm overreacting about being mad. It had been a while. Since i'd seen something like this on instagram. But a person who is a you know foodi not in the industry a food loving gore mind Posted just with the caption. Like you know if you know you know. And i saw another like prominent food media person chime and be like. Oh yeah like you know sighed eyeballs and then the discussion was. I can't tell anybody about it. I don't want my place to be. Mobbed and i was like so after everything that your beloved restaurants have gone through for the last year. You believe that you holding onto this restaurant is somehow a service that like. Not revealing the name of the rush. Because you don't want to get busy and get business. I just found it to be so inappropriate for people to be like still in this day and age feel like they have some kind of like. I want to hide my secret spots thing being too sensitive about this. No you're not. They should burn in hell. If there's there. I said there's no hell i'm joking if you love food and if you truly love restaurants at this point in time it's it's just it's wild to me that you wouldn't share a place in and try to drive business there even if it makes it harder for you to your feared All right so that was. That was a question from chris. king five stars. Thank you Here's one from itunes. Nowy one eighty two gave us five stars. Thank you very much. Hello chang and chris paddack gulu chris or christ. Do you call me christ. Christ the love the show as a non asian person. I find myself seeing life more through. Your guys is thank you for opening a door not only to the cuisine but also the stories culture etc as a cohen aryan. I have always struggled with keeping friendships because no time and also because of all time at work since most of my friends are cooks. I work with as well. Do you have any tips on maintaining friendships in the industry. This is very nice. I envy your relationship with. Chris and wonder if i can ever have someone that close. Thank you for everything you do. Love love the show. That's very nice chris. This is Is accent his earlier as a chauncey. Mma guber anti of being like dave treasure. Treasure your friendship. So i just use those numbers. There's one eighty two. What's my age again. 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