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Kfi am six forty mark thompson here for tim conway junior watching world cup today man i've watched a little bit of it and i got to tell you i know no one's going to say this just going to say because i'm compelled to be honest i don't really understand each and everything that's going on like the offsides thing like i'm still trying to figure out what that is all about but it is exciting i will give you that obviously this is a world cup match so there's a lot more on the line but wow it was really exciting and also when they get into extra time this is really you're going to think again i don't watch enough so when they get an extra time i thought that the first person to you know put the ball through meaning the first team that scores quarterly in overtime in football that's the winner but no they they play the entire period the extra period and i also i understand i've just mixed things because extra time and extra period are two different things but the extra time i think applies to the time that they've taken to do other things that is to say injury red card yeah exactly whereas that extra period what i'm saying is i thought that was like an overtime period and football show first goal wins so when croatia scored yeah i thought it was over and then they kept playing and i realized oh no mark that's not the way it works they're playing through the entire thing wow england again not making it to the final so close and they just looked so dominant it was weird and that the beginning of the game the first half of the game they looked dominant and i think this is the farthest they've gone in the tournament in in many many years and a lot of brits thought that this was filed finally it's coming home they said because they claim soccer was born in england yeah well not this time they proudly exported it to croatia and they did well my girlfriend is croatian so she was happy she's not she's she's her ancestors date back you know what i mean she's got croatian named her and she's not croatia accent or know how to say anything i'm just trying to it's not like she's really exotic too yeah yeah she's a borderline authentic croatian but no i and i love this show happy so that's terrific that's nice to have some national pride and all that stuff so there you go here's one for you a man called police to help him and he broke in to an escape experience and couldn't get out now you know the god these escapers experiences everywhere these escape rooms i've been to a few here in l a and if you talk to people are really into them and generally the people are really into escape rooms they're into puzzle solving and if you don't know what these escape rooms are they it's not some weird sex thing or whatever i mean it's it's not a bizarre lock you up you don't know that the ones that i've exactly vendors right i don't really know for fact but expand your horizons they you go in to these various rooms they all have themes like maybe someone is a jeweler and you've been left in his office in your high end jewel thief and you and your other jewel thief friends have to find your way into his safe and you only have an hour to do it before he comes back to the office and their clues all around the office as to what the code is and all as to where the combination is to open that safe so in a nutshell there's that in there all these exotic themes and they're really fun and cool and there are haunted ones and they're really gory ones yeah there there are many that are around year round but man fall comes around they explode yeah you're saying around halloween oh yeah yeah so the burglar and this is legitimate burglar he inadvertently inadvertently ends up in this place and he couldn't get out so he called nine one one to get him out of this escape room and eventually he managed to.

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