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Of fantasy football today. Here we go early. Look at the waiver. Wire by the way viscous chenault apparently has a shoulder injury and tomorrow he was going to be a segment of the feature of our new segment. That i think is very fun. People have been asking for more of it. Is this weird. What was this that line today. Listen all it had seven targets. Two of them for negative. Three yards was ridiculous weird. He's lucky he didn't catch more catch with any. Moore's mad all right notes. Oh sorry early. look at the waiver. Wire let's do that first. So who's out there. Who do you want. There isn't a lot like gave you look at the running backs and cordeiro patterson's going to be widely available but i just. I can't get excited about him. Jd mckissick had a touchdown lay great Drew michael hasty might be her. I look at the receivers. There's some good names. Their sterling shepherd is still available in forty five percent leagues rondell. More fifty five percent of leagues henry rugs fifty five percent of leads. That's what they're available in. And then you get to k j osborne who seems to be developing into that number. Three receiver for minnesota had a ton of targets in week. One and no one was really talking about him and i remember watching the film and was okay. But he's a part of the offense and then he was a big part again in week. To add the long touchdown on a broken play. is available ninety seven percent of leagues. You could do worse with a bench spot. I mean if delvin cooks hurt then we're going to have to go blower fab on alexander madison and and hope that he doesn't stink again. You on my funny madison story. Now yes okay so in one of our leagues. I dropped michael pittman for sammy. Watkins play it. What i don't have your does so idiot moron clo- oh all right. I dropped michael pitt. Bad for for sammy watkins. Dave sends me a text with the screen. Shot of the add drop. It says this will be your 2021 peyton barber now the reason i did is i needed to start this player for saquon barkley. I needed someone to start. I felt better starting watkins over pittman after he had such a horrible game..

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