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Year three times before this though backstage Al dean reflected on what it was like before those awards started rolling. There was there was a time there where we were sort of the perennial nominee. You know? And and there were years where I felt like we you know, we had legitimate shots at it. And it just kind of guts, man, maybe it's just not gonna happen for us. And that was just always an award that I just wanted to have one dean is in a position to be a mentor, especially when taking new acts with him out on the road. He spoke about how he sees up and coming artists, really working hard right now and taking note. Luke combs of see Ashley McBride, and you know, mayor and Moore's came Brown ac-, you know seat like a lot of lot of talent future. You know? It's it's cools people that are, you know, love country music to take the next Ashley damore in box news. This is HouseCall for health. There was a TV movie in the nineteen seventies called the boy in the plastic bubble. We couldn't deny some way of transporting him safety. It was based on the true stories of two boys who had suffered from a rare genetic disorder that wiped out there immune system. So they can't fight off common germs and infections. The boy in the film lived inside a plastic bubble and ever since then the condition has been informally known as bubble boy disease. It's formal name is excellent severe combined in you know, deficiency. And now, researchers are reporting a new kind of gene therapy that can restore the immune systems of people with this disorder allowing them to live outside the bubble. The research was developed by scientists at the national institutes of health amp Saint Jude's children's hospital in Memphis..

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