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To you by nascar's fastest track the monster energy Cup series heading to Michigan Sunday, two thirty eastern on NBC and said, Brian Urlacher. The bears hall of fame linebacker will join us coming up. All Pauly wants to answer the phone. All. Hybrid look so good in that jacket. I love the hair in the return of electron Zlatan Ibrahimovic the LA galaxy forward. He was a lot of fun. Last time he was on, he will join us as well. So were the seventy Sixers rookies ir Smith breaks his foot? I don't know if he was going to be there in getting a lot of minutes this year. He probably would have won the slam dunk contest, extremely, extremely athletic. Kit raw, but athletic and I don't know how much run he was going to get, but broke his foot. And that's one of those injuries. You know usually when it happens to a big man, you know that that that's something that never goes away. It's always there that does dire Smith rookie with the seventy Sixers breaks his foot. Yes, mclovin are we karst my seventy Sixers? I mean, how many guys is Simmons and be paulie suggested that when you get drafted by the Sixers that you get to pick what bone they break so right on stage where you get announced and the commissioners up there. And here's our Smith, what? What do you want us to risk? Please the left wrist place. It's just get it over with here because it feels like you have to have an injury. If you're gonna go to seventy Sixers camp or your shot disappears. I mean, there's a variety of things that could happen there. What did Jalil who just signed somewhere by Jalil? Okafor disease helped gain disappeared. I think they took away his defense like bike by the time. He got announced to the, but by the time he shook the Commissioner's hands. He forgot how to play defense, and then he never learned to play defense ever. Again, he just signed with the pelicans. I have no idea what that means. Well, you've got to replace boogie cousins and there you go out will do it that will do it. I think they said, you know, we should pick up somebody who doesn't play defense because Anthony Davis then can get more block shots. Let me see who could we ju- Jila local for. Yeah, Anthony Davis is like all right, more block shots. You know his man or go to get some more block shots. Sure. That was their logic there. I got a couple of staff. Of the day here that are kind of interesting. You know, let me go with this one. This is a little bit of a surprise. Give me the music. They're seeing. The guy..

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