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In michigan but he did have uh a chance to have a job in other situations we spoke to family members who said you know yes this is my son yes this is my nephew but he burned us bridge years ago um you know which is something that i think is very probably very common for folks who are experiencing homelessness is that there are you know complicated family relationships and that might be part of the reason that somebody ended up homeless in the first place and we also were able to find some family members who were still um carrying foreign hosting um the the formerly homeless people and and kind of had very um candid things to say about the challenges of try it you know of being that providing that level of support to somebody who had you know been going through such a difficult time men and had been living on the streets before they got a ticket back julia carrie wong in ellis through g guardian stand by i wanna bring another voice into the conversation joining us from st petersburg florida is jane walker she's the executive director of day star life center a nonprofit organization that works with the homeless one of the services they provide is travelers aid a ticket that connects a person with a family or friend out of town jane welcomed one point highway iraq you've heard of from our reporters of some of the shortcomings of these programmes how how does day star do it.

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