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Been ringing insistently as aware of the agency of this particular. Hello father. But i'm coming home after i hang up be sure to shut and doors and windows one of my patients justice from a hospital. She's a homicide maniac. Laura and extremely dangerous. I wanted to tell you right now. You'll do as i ask this insane. Patient of mine is under the delusion that i'm her enemy and she may end for the house immediately. I've already informed the police. Don't let anyone inside the house. I'll be only twenty minutes. Laura shut locked all the windows. Who say no. Don't touch me Donohoe was found by the police. Five minutes after. I had phoned mr kim. She'd been stabbed to death with a kitchen. Hilmi with all the windows and doors and your home locked to put his no mistaking the windows were shut. But apparently laura never had time to lock the back door. That leads to the kitchen before. Natalie cravenly insane patient reach the house sense for service apprentice. You're saying patient seem to have your home immediately after escaping from the hospital. Yes that's a little odd in itself. But i told you how this patient felt about me was king. I treated her for a mental disorder for two years but she developed a fixation about the and began to feel that i was her mortal enemy. You're devoting your time to bring back to sanity. Yes mr key at one. I meant dr this. You were in the hospital. The time of the insane woman's escape now if she wanted to muddy you. Why didn't she attacked you. After you left the building. Why did she come to your home instead. Attack your daughter. The mind was psychiatric. Reaction not ways mr king. This woman nettie craven may have thought i'd left the hospital then. Finding wasn't at home. She must've protect my daughter. Laura to revenge himself on me and see what you mean. Since the death of my wife mr king they've been only two things in my life. My work and my daughter. Laura laura gotten now but i still have my work and i intend to carry on naturally i. I don't want nettie craven punished for the crime. She's completely insane but she must be caught and returned to the hospital before she claims another victim. You for instance dr punches. I wasn't thinking to myself. I'm thinking of others. That's why come to you mr king. The police run the case of course. And if an investigator of your ability in desert and webb's along with them woman will be captured. All the sooner. I intend to do everything i can knocked apprentice. Thank you mr keane. Needless to say you'll be doing great public service. But also thinking about your doctor to simply. Don't worry about me mr clemson. don't mind. I'd like to do a little prescribing in this particular case dr princess. Where's your home in new jersey. Don't call rush ville russia's just across the river that's right not to point. I'd like to exchange house keys with you. I'd like you to stay in my apartment until this case is over. Mike and i will stay in your house. What my what my practice a little bit better for you to miss a few days work now doctrine to end up with no work at home you mean you think nettie craven would try to make me her next victim. If this insane woman killed your daughter. Yes i insisted you take the precautions. Dr case Do you ask mr kim fine and be careful yourself. Remind you that home. Seidel case like netease is most dangerous. I'm aware of that dr punches. There's just one thing. I'd like to add mr kim. If a young man named john digby because try to break the news of laura's murder as gently as possible. John is laura's husband has been. Hey was he living in your home to dr. No matter of fact my daughter laura had just come back to my house the day before she and john will marry only a month ago they had a child is quarrel. What was nothing. Thomas kim young define boy and i was sitting negative. Patch things up between them. You try to notify him of laura's death in iraq apprentice yes. I couldn't reach him anywhere very well. Dr punches you can proceed to my home immediately. I'll notify the hospital. You won't be available for a few days. Meanwhile mike and i will bend every effort to put our hands on this rush vilamoura before.

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