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And it's it's a pretty fair way to handle it it does raise some other questions but should we pause in and consider media i ago the other so yulo ratings power ratings as across at about sort of when you play someone in and there's points awarded depending on if you win or lose my understanding in other sports is that there is a a a doesn't factor in change from year to year for team for example and we do team to a year two year yulo for team it's seems odd to start the dodgers outer this about example and the twins out low this year perhaps because they may have added some people in the offseason and now they might be and they have been playing better and so maybe elokan have seen that that coming or their players develop for tennis i think that's not as much of a problem with the low because it's the same person always through yeah niilo was developed at first for chest another one on one competition and kenya's also has an almost twelve months calendar so you really don't have these disruptions and her beijing's and you do get new players flowing in and out but also you have enough players playing for long enough that you can kind of had these overlapping careers enough of these matchups to make sense of where players are now what happens when a player mrs huge amounts of timely maria sharipova for instance being suspended for you know almost a whole season much sell us vmz exactly there's been a lot of players that miss time what happens there is there some kind of like ageing adjustment or do they get docked uh any points for missing huge chunks of the schedule as great question it has come up quite a bit recently including sharp it'll come up with serena williams if he comes back as she promises to after.

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