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Forecast. Here's Tom skilling. Chicago's warm dry weather will continue in majors to add higher humidities to the makes this coming weekend. Temperatures will be warming here is slowly as large-scale subsidies increases across the mid west in response to all the air venting out of the top of hurricane Florence migrating westward and sinking compressing warming in this area. That keeps us dry though. No rain till Tuesday tonight through Sunday sunny days. Slow warming continues nights we mainly clear with overnight readings on the mild side for this season. More humid over the weekend. Lows tonight sixty five but upper fifties Finland hide Friday up to eighty six but upper seventies on the beaches, then highs on Saturday up to eighty six and Sunday up to eighty eight but readings closer to eighty at the shoreline Monday, Partly sunny, quite warm and humid, high eighty nine and Tuesday, partly cloudy, warm, humid, scattered thunderstorms high Tuesday. Up to eighty six. I'm Tom skilling in the WGN weather shedder. It is seventy seven degrees at O'Hare, midway Seventy-seven, FOX lake seventy two. It's seventy one degrees along Chicago's lakefront winter northeast ten miles an hour. The barometer is falling. I'm Judy pilot in the WGN newsroom ready to join the conversation. Whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Dhanjal here. On seven twenty WGN time now to talk to Tom skilling. Join us.

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