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This episode of heavyweight is brought to you by squarespace Jonathan. I think it's time you went legit for. Hey Josh editor at Gimblett media with all due respect wet in the world are you talking about put my moonlighting side project and side-hustle have all been cleared by HR Jonathan. I'm talking about how you find. Old stuffed animals animals in the garbage dust them off stitch-up torn little ears and noses and south from the back of your mom station wagon blissed out Dum dums at major music festivals. That's not illegal. Is it legit businessmen but in that I pay my taxes. Jonathan Nothing legit unless it has a website does your quote unquote business. Business have a website. What's a website? Oh brother I've learned that a website is one way to legitimize your side hustle and squarespace makes it. It's easy to make one. They offer beautiful. Templates that you can customize to your liking to get started visit squarespace dot com slash heavyweight for a free trial when you're ready to launch us the offer code heavyweight to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that's where space dot com slash heavyweight offer offer code heavyweight to save ten percent. Dr Moore's Obituary mentions the son Bruno. Oh He's a retired computer systems consultant. He agreed to talk but didn't WanNa be recorded when asked about his mother's life during the war he tells me all he has has our snippets. The Past Bruno tells me didn't come up much as dinner. Conversation given his mother's feelings about the past it makes sense would he does know is this. She was born Anna Corolla Cooper and she was an athlete. She played tennis competitively and was a strong enough swimmer swimmer to attempt an escape during the allied invasion by swimming across the Rhine as she swam Bruno says snipers from the other side fired. Her Her Brennan tells me grandfather was the doctor who was eventually captured by the Russians and sent to a Soviet prison camp. These camps were notoriously brutal with hundreds of thousands of German captives dying from violence malnutrition or forced labor for years. Dr Muller didn't know whether her father author was alive or dead on the day of an allied bombing campaign that would devastate hometown. Doctor Family didn't have time to make it to the local bomb shelter. Turn which was fortunate because it was destroyed instead. The family hid in the garden. Shed which turned out to be the only part of the House that survived if the devastation. The bombing wasn't supposed to hit them. That hard annika is journalist who lives near Ephron were Dr Mueller grew up. They were actually aiming at the harbor in Cologne but they had the order not to return with all the weapons. Like get rid of all your your bombs before you get back home. Don't go round flying with all the bombs but just drop them somewhere and so unfortunately they were dropped on F oven. I commissioned Annika to find out anything she could about the Mueller's so she'd wandered the streets of Efren looking for traces of the family but most of the people who lived in Efren during the war are now gone. I ask if she was able to find out anything about Dr Mueller's father anything that might elaborate on his capture by the Russians. What I did come across and that kind of struck me was that he was a Nazi doctors? Union at the time so the doctors in this union their job was it to tell people From a medical perspective why one race would be superior to another now the race. eugenics exactly the mission of the National Social Esteban as the union was called was to make sure doctors were aligned with the Nazi spirit. We can't know for certain that Dr Mueller's father was enforced to join. But we do know that by the end of the war half of the ninety thousand doctors and Germany. Germany were not members of the astro went in other words. You didn't have to be in the union to practice medicine on top of that. There's this he wasn't just a member but he is listed as like the Kaiser Onsite which okay how do I translate. The rough translation is that Dr Mueller's father was an upper level manager in the Nazi physicians. League he oversaw district of two million people while it's impossible to know is private intentions and beliefs given the prestige of his position. It's unlikely he was a secret hero of the resistance. It's a leader of his rank let alone a medical leader would at the very least been aware of the systematic sterilization an and execution of those deemed undesirable among them. The so called mentally. Ill know under Dr Mueller might have felt compelled to leave the past asked where it was. What are your recollections of Herbert? And his wife no good people. I'm proud to know. I'm glad to be their friend once again again. I find myself speaking to a German psychiatrist and Montreal. His name is Dr Gert Morgenstern. And he was close to Dr Mueller and her husband Herbert both friends and colleagues. They would gather at Dr Morgan Stearns home in a quiet neighborhood in Montreal were Dr Mueller's husband. Herbert and he played music together. Herbert on the flu Dr Morgenstern on the Piano Dr Mueller would wander in and out listening to them play. She spent many hours in Dr Morgan Stearns Home Dr Morgenstern San Mark explained at the beginning of the conversation that his father might not have much to offer in recent years. His memory has begun onto falter and much of Dr Morgan's past has become loss to him. But since this might be the only chance I get to talk to someone who actually knew Dr Mueller who who can speak to her as a friend. We decided to give it a try. I asked Dr Morgenstern. If he remembers spending time with the Mueller's yes I think so. It was pleasant. We look forward to it. Mark says has his father's memory fails he's held onto the happy memories and allowed a lot out of the painful ones to go like the Mueller's Dr Morgenstern was a German who emigrated to Canada. But unlike the Mueller's he was a Jew he fled. Let Germany in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven a year before Kristallnacht. You both immigrated from Germany. was that a subject that came up. I don't remember life during the war. I don't remember any of that so she never talked with you about what she went through during the war. Not that I remember and we talked about was what we were doing and what we were planning to do. Dr Morgenstern says they never talked about the past that they didn't talk about their religions. Then even talk about psychology and they never discussed Germany. Mark says that after fleeing his father never spoken a word of German again so if they didn't talk about the past what did they do together make music and talk and what. What did you like to talk about wrote the music? We were playing because he was a fellow therapist as well as her friend. I asked him what he knows about. Dr After Mueller's practice her approach throughout our conversation. Dr Morgenstern Answers are brief a few words at most but when I asked him about Dr Dr Mueller's insistence on self birth and whether it was an idea that she tailored to my situation or some obscure therapeutic method Dr Morgenstern grows animated. Did she wasn't it wasn't doing a method. She invented what she said. It's a continual process had an attitude toward life in other words. You're you're actively producing your future in your present. You are decisions to make the have memories to select act and you're building your future. That way never actually finished giving berthier. So it Ed Never Completed Act. Well I take in my inability to give birth to myself as the failing of either myself for Dr Mueller. He wasn't really. Maybe Dr Mueller telling me over and over that birth was imminent was her way of saying there is no end point. It's just living and that's the point..

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