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Video artist and so i was raised like in a household which there was already a lot of storytelling and her work has always dealt with identity politics. And i think the personal on the political intersect and stuff. So i was very fortunate to be raised in a household where those seams were being explored and i knew that that could also be a career. Even though i witnessed my mom and my dad who is a conceptual photographer. I witnessed. How much heartache. Also came with being an artist and so i think i i was really afraid of becoming an artist because i felt that it was like cellular really apart like a necessity for me in terms of my expression but i also did not want to struggle in the ways that i saw. My parents journal both financially and emotionally. I was also very shy. Which was also confusing for people because a shy person generally doesn't like shave their head and wear wilder lows. But i was really shy. And i was afraid of my mom. Put me in acting classes to help me. Combat my shyness and then like it wasn't too later in high school that i actually like really started auditioning for plays because i was so nervous to do so and then like on a whim. I edition for tisch us acting school. I had done some plays. But like the idea that i would put all my eggs into. That basket wasn't really necessarily a part of my plan. I really loved writing. And i thought that i wanted to study that more intensely and just go to like a liberal arts college that wasn't so specialized but then i got a scholarship to tisch and my mom was like you have to go and it was that like total reversal. Because i was like. Should i be like a lawyer or something. I like go do something. That is steady and stable and that can give me a life that i didn't have growing up and it was..

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